Porngate Report Released

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HARRISBURG -- The acting Pennsylvania Attorney General released the long-awaited report on the so-called "Porngate" review, but it may not put an end to the controversy.

Attorney General Bruce Beemer says the review of more than six million emails and documents shows there is nothing that impacts the administration of justice in the state.

Beemer says the report found 13 judges or senior state government officials were labeled high-volume senders of emails that were identified as inappropriate that includes the two former Supreme Court justices who were forced to resign when the so-called Porngate scandal broke.

"This was an extraordinarily difficult decision for the attorney general's office and myself, personally to make," said Pennsylvania Attorney General Bruce Beemer.

Beemer says it would unfairly damage the reputations of workers in the state judicial system if he released their names.

But the attorney general says it will be up to their bosses to decide what to do to anyone who sent inappropriate emails on state computers.

"We are forwarding to the appropriate agencies or the appropriate employers, information about what was found in this report to allow those individuals or agencies what they deem appropriate," Beemer said.

The independent report into so-called Porngate has already cost taxpayers roughly $400,000.

Former Attorney General Kathleen Kane hired a Washington DC law firm after her office discovered judges and prosecutors traded emails she described as containing crude jokes, racist pictures, and women engaged in pornography.

Kane left office in August after she was convicted of engineering the leak of confidential information to a newspaper and lying about it.

The current attorney general says that independent report has turned up more objectionable emails, but added Pennsylvanians should have confidence in the state court system.

"The report provided no evidence to support the idea that there were relationships between prosecutors and judges," said Beemer. "That might have affected administration of justice in Pennsylvania."



  • pat

    OH, pay your state taxes to pay these state workers. Work, reading jokes and looking at porn. That’s what we are paying for. Hide their names???????????? Who’s pockets are getting lined again? What a joke.

  • Canyon

    And this whole issue goes off riding into the sunset of the good ole boys badlands! Anybody notice Kathleen Kanes head on the wall?

  • JacksInCharge

    How about the perverts and time wasters that we are paying in Harrisburg share the responsibility for the $400K? We’ve already been penalized by paying them while they do this nonsense.

  • Philip

    “… releasing the names of people identified in this review would unfairly damage their reputations.”

    Since when is that a concern? People are accused of sexual assault and have their names, addresses, and ages published by the media all the time while their accusers remain safely anonymous. How are we supposed to condemn these people in the court of public opinion if we don’t even know who they are?

  • tomtom

    finally proves Kathleen kane is wrongly accused. just like they did to Sandusky. joe paterno should be the one in prison. see how he likes not coaching Saturday and spending the holidays alone.


      wow man Sandusky wrongly accused??? I’m sure there’s a few people out there that are highly offended by that comment…. here’s to hoping you’re just trying to poke the bear and wrinkle some feathers with those completely asinine comments and you’re not really that horrible of a human being… for your sake at least…

      • burtfan16

        That’s what TOMTOM does. He makes stupid comments to get a rise out of people. Didn’t get enough attention as a child. Just ignore him maybe he’ll go away.

      • tomtom

        could not agree more burt16…I also miss Obama/biden and mcGinty and Hillary…if I win snowblower contest I will give it to you…you live by the 10 commandments as I do…truth shall set you free…just wait…paterno fired…

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