Decorating Weissport Park for the Holidays

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WEISSPORT -- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Weissport with candy canes, lights, and a big ol' Christmas tree.

It's all decorated for the community to see right here in the borough's park.

"I think it is wonderful and about time. I think it's great for the kids and the residents. It's a wonderful idea," said Geralyn Lyons, Weissport.

"The park is a beautiful park and lots of people drive by and during the Christmas holidays it should be lit up a little bit," said Tom Zellner, Beltzville Lions Club President.

Zellner along with several other club members got together to spruce up the park for the holidays.

The decorating started over the weekend, and there is plenty more to do.

"We are going to wrap a couple trees, posts on the pavilion, band shell and put lights on the railing and so on," said Zellner

This is the first time in many years a Christmas display will be up at the park. Community members are thrilled and can't wait to see it lit up.

Geralyn Lyons has lived here in Weissport for six years. She's been waiting for a little holiday spirit to come to her neighborhood.

"There are so many children, who are young and it gives them something right across the street, they don't have to get on a bus, train to travel. It's right here. It's great, it's wonderful," said Lyons.

Lance Wentz thanks the Lions Club members for taking the time to bring a little light to the park he often walks through.

"This year they have been doing a lot more than what they have in recent years so it's nice," says Lance Wents, Weissport.

A lighting ceremony will take place at the Park on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Anyone is welcome to come and help light up the night.