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Ask PennDOT: Your Questions, Answered!

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Today on Newswatch 16 This Morning,  Ryan Leckey teamed up with PennDOT for an interactive segment involving your questions on anything and everything related to how the state "gets things done."    Below, the Facebook Q & A LIVE that aired after the morning show along with other highlights from Newswatch 16 This Morning.

Ryan visited PennDOT's District 4 office in Dunmore where a team tried to answer as many of your questions as possible throughout the morning show.

PennDOT had representatives available to field questions related to people living throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

Questions that came in were initially posted on WNEP's various social media platforms including the WNEP Facebook page, the Newswatch 16 AM page, and Ryan Leckey's.


Workers with the state say a spokesperson plans to respond to as many of your Facebook comments as possible over the next two days.


  • L

    WHY is the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Area still down to a 55mph speed?? The rest of the country is at least 65mph if not 70mph..Yet we live in an area where people continue to do 45 in the driving lane making the passing lane impossible to use for passing purposes since it now seems to be the driving lane.
    Oh, and how come it takes so long to re-build a bridge when it takes 3 days to put in a temporary bridge while the real one is being build?? The temporary bridges are built in no time flat and last for years while the real one takes so long to build??
    WHY do you not cut the road down to the deepest pothole to re-pave?? Why do you only surface pave?? Wouldn’t it be more logical to cut down to at least 6-8 inches or the deepest pothole and then repave?? These patch jobs just end up coming apart a month later because lets face it, 1/2 inch thick pave wont stop the water. And as far as the excuse being due to the elements, surrounding towns with the same weather don’t have such bad roads, as many potholes and patch jobs.
    WHY is the stretch going through Dunmore and Throop concrete?? This piece of 81 seems to hold up in the elements all year round without potholes, yet the asphalt sections are horrible to drive on. WHY not use the concrete like Dunmore decided to do. Last time I checked, no construction to reseal or redo has been done in many many years with exception of a few blocks a couple years back

    • Sam

      In today’s day and age, we are supposed to be green and thinking green to conserve our natural resources, does it make sense to raise the speed limit to use more fuel, Think about that next time you drive by a donut shop or any drive-through and people are lined up on the road with their engines running because they don’t want to get out of the car and walk up to get a cup of coffee or burger.

  • zain

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  • Sam

    I like how they managed to fix the Oneill highway ( some highway, it’s not even a mile long) but Davis street was left untouched and is a miserable stretch with high traffic.
    Maybe penn dot should put an office there too, then it would be fixed.
    BTWROAD my phone was never returned.

  • Art Smith

    why does Penn Dot not use recycled tires in the pavement like they do in the state of VT. I lived there and I remember the Rt 91 from north to south never had or has never had pot holes in the road ever.. Did they ever think of this or looked in to the tires being ground up and mixed in the pavement .budderw

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