Wintry Weather Has Arrived

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MONTROSE -- While some parts of our area only saw an inch or two of snow, others got a bit more.

The weather has led to some minor issues on the roads and some power outages throughout our area.

Snow showers on Sunday continued off and on, meaning drivers had to watch out for conditions that changed quickly.

In counties that didn't see much snow at all last year, the blanket of white was a welcome sight for some.

One family is very glad the flakes are falling in Susquehanna County. The Coys own Montrose Sporting Goods, and for the last two winters, sales of snow gear have been slow.

"I think it will be a great help for business, between winter clothes, booths, socks, clothes. Winter's going to be here. It's northeast Pennsylvania, we know it's going to stay," said Larry Coy.

Even the Coys' own daughter was picking up winter wear for the first time in few years.

"Last year, we didn't get much snow at all, so we didn't buy much for the kids. This year, I am scrambling because nothing fits from two years ago," said Renee Coy of Montrose.

In Susquehanna County, the snow arrived with a bang, there was about half a foot on Sunday and it kept coming.

Not everyone we met was completely overjoyed. Margaret Garrison of Montrose has plenty of shoveling on her hands.

"Can't they wait 'til December?" Garrison said.

Another area with lots of winter white was the borough of Moscow in Lackawanna County.

Scott Long was pretty pleased, breaking out the snow thrower.

"Winter is here. Yeah, yeah, winter is here. I guess we are going to have a white Thanksgiving maybe. It would be nice," Long said.

Speaking of the holidays, Antonio Mendicino used his ATV to haul out some Christmas decorations. Then he took a joyful spin through the snow in his backyard.

For anyone who might be feeling jealous of the areas that got half a foot of snow, don't give up hope. More might just be on the way.

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