White House Christmas Tree Coming from Carbon County

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- By looking at all the pines, you can tell the holidays are right around the corner.

A special tree was cut down at a tree farm in Carbon County and will be going to a very special place -- the White House.

"The White House staff was actually here about two, three weeks ago and they chose the tree and they are pretty fussy," said Chris Botek, Crystal Spring Tree Farm owner.

So fussy, that the staff spent half a day searching acres upon acres of Crystal Spring Tree Farm near Lehighton before picking up this Douglas Fir.

The tree stands nearly 19 feet tall and is 18 years old.

Owner Chris Botek tells Newswatch 16, this is the fifth time one of his trees will be displayed in the Blue Room at the White House.

White House staff called Botek personally after plans for another tree fell through.

"This year, the winner of the national competition was from Wisconsin. When the staff went to pick the tree, it wasn't quite big enough. So they called me and I stepped in," said Botek.

Now that the tree is cut down, it can be delivered to the White House and growers here are honored to be able to give the perfect tree.

"We don't stop working. My boss is always here first, always here after us and it's a lot of work but it clearly pays off," said Joshua Johnson, Crystal Spring Tree Farm employee.

Joshua Johnson works at the tree farm, he's excited to be a part of this special moment.

"I was here back, two years ago when we did it but I wasn't able to cut down so I think this is pretty cool," said Johnson.

The tree will be delivered to the White House on Monday. Botek and his family are then invited to come and see it once it's decorated in a few weeks.