Man Who Killed Dogs Sentenced to Jail

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WILKES-BARRE -- A man is behind bars in Luzerne County after being found guilty of killing his own pets.

A judge sent that man to jail for killing two dogs last year in Hazleton.

Cody Anderson is now currently at the Luzerne County Prison to start serving his sentence of 11 to 23 months.

Anderson killed two pit bulls last year.

Experts say jail time in an animal cruelty case like this is unusual but something they're happy to see.

The owner of the dogs lived on Poplar Street in Hazleton. In May of last year, one of the dogs bit her and she had to go the hospital.

Court records show that the woman called Cody Anderson and told him to get rid of both pit bulls, knowing that he would kill them.

According to court papers, Anderson took two dogs to a park. When he returned to the house on Poplar Street, he told the owners, "It's done. I snapped their necks."

The owner of the pit bulls told police what Anderson had done and agreed to testify against him. Anderson pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in September and was sentenced to jail Friday.

"For anyone to do that to any kind of animal -- dog and cat, anything -- it's heartbreaking. He belongs in jail," said Todd Henver of the Luzerne County SPCA.

Henver says that animal cruelty cases most often end in a fine, but he says in this case, the punishment fits the crime.

"He was immediately remanded in the custody of the local prison officials. It's a sad tale, but in the end, justice was served."

The Luzerne County SPCA wants to remind folks there are other options for unwanted animals. They ask that you contact them if you are having second thoughts about your pets.


  • Robert

    Dog bites, dog dies. That simple. I’m not interested in paying a vet 70 dollars per shot.
    I have owned animals all my life (key word OWN). They are property.
    If I have a dog that bites and let it live, I’m irresponsible, if I kill it I’m a criminal?
    Another law abiding citizen (I assume), turned into a criminal by our government.
    They eat dogs in some parts of the world I hear.
    I just wonder those offended buy their meat in a supermarket where no animals have been harmed?
    Sad day!


    Found a little deer in the woods suffering BUBBA THE R*DN*CK PUT A BULLET IN HER it was so cold out and it looked like an infection set in the wound, YOU STUPID REDNECKS I HOPE YOU HAVE A HUNTING ACCIDENT AND SUFFER SLOWLY WITH LOTS OF PAIN !!! AND LADIES THE BIGGER YOUR G*N DOES NOT MEAN THE BIGGER YOUR WIENER.

  • PC intolerant

    Meanwhile in the news, a mother who tried to kill her baby simply gets probation. I suppose it’s also cruelty to kill cows, chickens, aquatic life, and defenseless farm crops too. This man can not win, if his dog attacks, maims, or kills someone he is liable, but if the “authorities” put it down, then it is okay. Man was created to be over the animals of the earth, not be their equal.

    • Writer Girl

      There is no difference. Mouse traps are cruel and should be phased out, but it will never happen and is probably better than poison or other such stupid things.

      • Steve Ɔorbitt

        When you go to sleep tonight, think of all the animals that are killed in nature by other animals…. brutally and inhumanely by your standards. Many of them kill their prey by breaking the neck. Yet they remain unpunished…how frustrating you must find this.

  • Writer Girl

    GOOD!!! It’s about time this state and country starts to punish animal abusers and starts treating animals as more than property. They are living things with feelings. Why isn’t the disgusting owner in jail? Because she’s disgusting and a wimpy snitch? Don’t own animals if you can’t take their behavior and can’t afford to put them down properly. And who was that idiot in the news piece that insinuated jail was too harsh a punishment.

  • dolphins4

    They should put that guy in jail for longer than that If he can do that to a poor innocent dog he could do that to a person

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