Judge Removes Himself from Sandusky Case

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BELLEFONTE -- The judge in the Jerry Sandusky case has recused himself from the case.

Judge John Cleland indicated the defense contended he violated the rules of judicial conduct in regard to a preliminary hearing during the case. The judge vehemently denies this.

In his order, Judge Cleland said Sandusky's defense lawyers, "have elected to call into question my fairness and impartiality without requesting my testimony and, by doing so, have created a cloud over these proceeding. It would be imprudent to allow such a cloud to linger and to permit it to cast a shadow on the legitimacy of the court, or any decision I would make on the merits of the defendant's …petition, especially when that cloud could be so easily dissipated by my voluntary recusal and by presenting my testimony before a judge in my stead."

Sandusky is seeking a new trial under Pennsylvania's Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA).

Sandusky, a former Penn State University assistant football coach, was found guilty in June of 2012 of 45 counts related to the sexual abuse of children.

In October of 2012, a judge sentenced Sandusky to 30 to 60 years in prison.

The charges against Sandusky came to light in the fall of 2011.

Read Judge Cleland's opinion here.




  • Sam

    TomTom.. you cant be serious to think Paterno is still coaching because they have a chance at a bowl game… you do know he died a few years ago.. right??

  • tomtom

    and another thing…reminds me of how they condemned Al Sharpton just for being OJ’s friend and driver. another witchhunt by corrupt authorities. just admit the screwup and let him spend the holidays with his kids and grandkids.

  • tomtom

    once again…Sandusky getting screwed. he told paterno numerous times what was going and paterno told him not to worry about it. he would handle it. yeah sure, paterno should be the one in prison.

    • ?

      You think Sandusky told Paterno what he was doing? Not quite…You do know that Sandusky was the perpetrator correct?? But you think he got screwed?? You shouldn’t make comments on something you have no knowledge of.

    • burtfan16

      Folks don’t even respond to this TomTom guy. TomTom is a DumbDumb. He’s probably some teenager whose parents don’t give him enough attention. Ignore him and he’ll go away.


    How many Court Hearings has this Pedophile had? Just keep him in jail where he belongs, safely away from young boys.

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