Illegal Dumping Caught on Camera

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Photo provided by Pennsylvania Game Commission

Photo provided by Pennsylvania Game Commission

JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP — Game commission officers are looking for a man for allegedly dumping garbage on state game lands.

Officials say a surveillance camera set up near the game lands in Jefferson Township, near Archbald, caught the man dumping roofing material, pallets, TV sets, and more several times last month.

If you recognize the man or the truck call the game commission at 570-675-1143.


  • poonus

    looks like the sign on the truck says Shammrock…they are located on RT6 honesdale. they are listed with the yellowpages and BBB. the police can easily find this company and talk to them about this matter.

  • Bill Vanyo

    If they would provide actual video instead of a still shot, different frames could be combine using a technique called “resolution stacking” to obtain more detail. It’s a common technique to get a higher resolution image using a lower resolution camera.

  • Bench

    I tried to clean up the door sign and all I could get was “Sh” from the top word. Any photoshop Gurus out there?

  • use the tax money!

    why doesn’t anyone have a decent camera when so many are available? do you actually want to catch anyone? spend the extra $50!

  • Supporter of America

    Place the trailcam on video also, and maybe having one that faces the back of the truck might help get a license plate. There are some nice trees right behind the trash that a camera can be mounted in. There is no reason to be dumping trash anywhere, other than just plain laziness and greed to save a dime.

  • Rob Baker

    Ok…. First off it’s the State Game Commission camera. When the guy turned the circle they had to get the plate. 2nd. The sign on that door was clear enough to read. Something fishy about this article

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