Power to Save: Holiday Recycling

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP -- Whether it's a can of vegetables or a bottle of soda, the mess gets much bigger during the holiday season.

And with Thanksgiving just a week away, thousands of pounds of paper, plastic, and cans will be sent to the Monroe County Municipal Waste Authority in Blakeslee.

"You see the influx, definitely, of people coming through and you know most people go to our sites and they bring all of their material that they collected," said Capt. Jacqueline Bagu, Monroe County Municipal Waste Authority.

Waste Authority Captain Jacqueline Bagu says recycling all year round, even during the holidays, has everyday benefits.

"Not only for Thanksgiving, we believe, the waste authority believes that people are encouraged to recycle much more so that they can reap the benefits with less costing garbage bills," said Bagu.

So what can you do to make recycling during the hectic holidays easier?

Officials say keep bins close by and toss out paper, plastic, and cans as you use them.

"Once you get used to it, it's so easy. You don't even think twice about it," Cindy Parks, Monroe County Municipal Waste Authority.

After the truck drops off plastic materials, it all needs to be sorted through. There are things like garbage bags, metal, items that are not supposed to be in there. These piles will only grow after the holidays so that's why it's important to separate each item.

"The drivers that go out and pick up the stuff, they are a lot busier; they go out seven days a week already, so they are doing double runs and it gets a lot busier for them," said Parks.

To ensure you're recycling properly this holiday season and for drop-off locations, click here.