Tamaqua Introduces Online Bill Payments

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TAMAQUA -- If you live in Tamaqua, you probably know the drill when it comes time to pay your water, sewer, and garbage bills. You either come to the borough building and pay in person or mail a payment to the borough.

This month, the borough introduced an option to pay those bills online.

"I think it's probably the wave of the future. Everybody's doing it, so it's about time. They've been doing it by hand for the last, how many years," said Tamaqua resident Kevin Linkhorst.

Residents like Linkhorst used to get their water, sewer, and utility bill on postcards that were individually printed on an old manual printer. The borough manager calls that whole billing system time consuming and costly.

Those cards are now a thing of the past. Bills will now be printed on 8 x 11 paper and sent in an envelope like most bills.

The borough has had a slight glitch with the online payment system. It seems to be an issue with its bank accepting the funds. So after a week of being up, the system has been temporarily suspended, and the borough is working to get the issue resolved.

Once that happens, online payment for water, sewer, and garbage bills in Tamaqua should be permanent.

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