Police Investigate Theft of Prescription Narcotics

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OLYPHANT -- Police are searching for a man they say swiped 300 prescription narcotics from a pharmacy in Lackawanna County.

Police say a man went into Medicap Pharmacy in Olyphant last Friday and told the clerk he was purchasing the medication for his sister.

On Tuesday, the patient who was prescribed the medication tried to purchase them and was told someone already picked them up.

Investigators said the man was seen driving a blue Ford van with a ladder rack.

Anyone with information is asked to call Olyphant police at 570-342-9111.


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    AND this is WHY you should be required to show your Photo ID to pick up ALL Medications, Narcotics or Not!!
    No matter what class of medication it falls under, this should NEVER be. I live with Chronic Pain, but 300 pills is an awful lot so I am really hoping this is a 3 month supply for this person, but knowing this patient is out their medication for that amount of time is an awful thing, just awful. I hope they find this guy and I pray this patient can get something in exchange for their medication because the insurance co wont refill it again, even if stolen.

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