$17 Million Bridge Project Underway

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POND EDDY -- A century-old bridge that connects Pike County with New York State is getting a replacement that will cost taxpayers $17 million.

Replacing the Pond Eddy Bridge over the Delaware River is a project years in the making.

PennDOT even has a website dedicated to it. It shows the timeline for the construction of the new bridge and eventual demolition of the one that's stood for more than a century.

Test piles are pounded into the river next to the bridge. Crews started work this summer following years during which PennDOT tried to repair the old bridge and even sell it to make way for the new bridge.

Marina Mackey has lived on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware for about  20 years, and much like her handful of year-round neighbors, she relies on the bridge as the only way in or out.

"Nobody here wants to give up their homes, even people with summer homes," Mackey said.

Those who live in the 12 homes won't have to now that PennDOT has put the $17 million bridge replacement project in motion.

A federal law going back to the early 20th century puts Pennsylvania on the hook for the Pond Eddy Bridge and four others like it across the Delaware.


The old bridge can’t handle the weight of fire trucks. Once the new bridge is in place in a few years time, they will be able to make it across with no problem.

"We are excited the new bridge is finally coming after all these years. People on that side of the bridge need protection like everyone in the Township," said Chief Clint Malzahn, Shohola Township Volunteer Fire Company.

The new bridge in should be ready for traffic in late 2018 or early 2019. The old one will be torn down.

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  • magicmikexxsm

    Those who live in the 12 homes won’t have to now that PennDOT has put the $17 million bridge replacement project in motion…………………………………………..

    So has anybody look into why their is a fed law that says Pa. residents must foot the bill??? and maybe change it, so NY pays half…..
    Seems pretty crazy to spend 17 million just for 12 family’s ……..
    and you wonder why here outside of Hazleton on 924 we can’t get an exit ramp right into the industrial park off of 81 to take the thousands of cars a week off of 924 ..

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