School Strike Draws Crowd At Dallas High School

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- As dozens of Dallas School District teachers walked into a work session and school board meeting Monday night, some people stood and applauded.

The teachers went on strike Monday.

The district superintendent says it’s the first time in the history of the school district that it has happened.

Many of those at the meeting Monday night had messages for school board members.

“They’ve been without a contract for 18 months and I think they’ve been very patient to wait as long as they did to strike,” said one man.

Some others called on teachers to make concessions, specifically paying for health care premiums.

"Why do you think that you're better than the rest of us professionals? That you don't have to do that?” asked one woman of the head of the teachers union.

Union leaders say they are trying to negotiate with administrators.

Salaries, health care, and early retirement are among the sticking points.

School leaders say they support the teachers, but financially, their hands are tied.

"Our district's current financial situation has been very clear,” said board president Sherri Newell.

Students are worried that if the strike continues into mid-December, which it may, they could lose their holiday break. Graduation may be pushed back, too.

"You definitely want to graduate on time. Something like this is a bump in the road, but I hope they can reach an agreement,” said senior Charles Giacometti.

"It's boring. I don't know what to do for a month now. I would rather go to school than be at home,” said Colln Perto, another Dallas senior.

Parents Newswatch 16 spoke with say they know the issues are complicated, but they want this resolved soon and they want the teachers back to work.

"I would really hate to see them continue. They said they can continue up until December 14, which would put them into losing their Christmas break, which I don't really want to see that happen either,” said Bonny Mannello of Dallas.

School officials say they will be having a meeting soon with high school seniors and their parents about graduation, which they hope to keep June 9, 2017.


  • teachers are the anti-Christ

    I once thought I would become a teacher but I couldn’t do that to myself or my family so I decided to become a 49 year old man who lives in his mom’s basement. God bless my successfulness. Friends don’t let friends become community,tax paying, ripoff con artist.

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    It really irritates me when people pull the jealousy thing — has it ever dawned on you that teachers pay taxes too? As for Union jobs with “Cadillac benefits” — organize and get the same thing for yourselves!!! Once upon a time in this country when Unions were strong one member of the household could support his/her family with just the one salary and they retired with a pension (which is contributed to by the worker as well as employer). In other countries teachers’ positions are revered, for some reason here in the U.S. that’s not the case — I blame the cult of ignorance in this country, the fact that some folks are much happier being ignorant and uneducated and tend to make fun of those who are educated. Bottom line is FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN RIGHTS! ORGANIZE! Don’t just whine and moan about what others’ have that you don’t.

    • x (@paralisa)

      Talk about uneducated. Remember there is only a certain tax base that these school districts get their money from. When that tax base does not get larger than you tax people out of their medications, food, and homes. Paying your co-pay is not contributing to your health care premium. My husband has a good union job but stills concession are made and he does pay towards his HEALTH CARE PREMIUM. People have had enough. And as far as fight for your rights, I did. I ran for a school board seat won and did the changes I thought were necessary at that time. It is time for people to stand up and be heard and for the elected they need to listen. STOP HOLDING OUR CHILDREN HOSTAGE.

    • concernedcommuter

      How does a senior citizen “organize” and fight for their rights? Social security gets about a 4 dollar raise this year and no raise last year. Where are these people supposed to get the money to pay for the increases in school taxes? Let’s have the paper compile a list of the highest salaries in the county and see where the teachers fall. I bet it’s among the highest paid. Don’t give me any crap about them being “educated” either. There are many people in the county that have college degrees that don’t have Cadillac benefits. Even government workers have to pay part of their health care premiums plus they have deductibles. I say give the teachers the same raise as social security, after all inflation has dropped to next to nothing. Make them pay for their health care too.

    • jim

      Jessica and Joe I have a good paying job that I like. Providing for a family now is a lot different then back in the 60’s
      Teachers are doing a job that I wouldn’t want since you have very little backing from parents.
      Our union employees here contribute to their sub par benefits
      I know of teacher …English who got a master’s in business admin …then got bumped up to master degree wages. When you do that job then you get those wages.
      School boards I bet our spending more money on sports then on education.
      We are 20 th in the world in education and falling.
      Who is whining I get my 2 % each year.
      No need to be insulting go back to reading writing and arithmetic

      • Sam

        Entirely too much is spent on sports, every taxpayer pays for it, but to be realistic, it benefits a few and all they want is a sports scholarship, why should so many pay for the few.
        Factor in the property with upkeep and maintenance, bussing and let’s not forget the coaching salary’s, just so someone else’s kid get a free ride.
        Schools are cutting programs, but they never cut any of the sports.

    • Phil

      Public unions have to go. Even teachers who don’t want to go along get sucked in. Nice racket you got there with the protectionism and all.
      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”
      You Tell Me

    • Sam

      Typical worker with a 40 hour week, works 260 days,VS a teacher that only works 180.
      Must be nice with excellent an benefits package.

      • Axia

        I’d like to know what teacher works less than 10 hours a day. If you think teachers have an easy job and no take-home work, you clearly need to go back to school yourself.

      • I pay taxes too

        Sorry Axia…Sam’s right….you (teachers only work 180 days a year for the equivalent of what I make working 260 days/year.

        Sorry Axia….you’re whining into the wind.

  • jim

    Let’s see pensions, Cadillac benefits, can accumulate sick days and get paid for at retirement.
    Paid by tax payers with 401k’s who contribute to their benefits.

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