Homicide Case Headed to Trial

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP-- A homicide case in Monroe County is now headed to trail.

Michael Horvath of Ross Township is accused of killing a Lehigh County woman then burying her in his backyard.

Horvath was arrested last month for the death of Holly Grim after investigators found her bones buried in Horvath's backyard near Saylorsburg.

Grim went missing in 2013 from her home near Allentown.

At a preliminary hearing on Monday, Judge Jolana Krawitz determined there is enough evidence to send all charges--including homicide and kidnapping--to trial.

Three witnesses were called to testify: a neighbor who saw Grim the morning she disappeared from her Lower Macungie Township home in 2013 and two Pennsylvania State Troopers.

More than 25 pieces of evidence were presented. Many of the items were pictures of Grim's mobile home. That's where police say Grim was kidnapped and where Horvath's blood was later found on the back door of the home.

The prosecution also talked about the evidence authorities found at Horvath's home in October, including Grim's bones in the backyard, bullet casings, and a thumb drive that contained pictures of Grim's home. Those pictures were time stamped in 2009. DVD's about "hunting humans" were also among the evidence taken from Horvath's home.

Authorities did confirm on Monday that none of Grim's personal items were ever recovered from the home and stated it was difficult to sift through everything because the Horvaths were "hoarders."

Both the prosecution and the defense declined to comment after the preliminary hearing.

Family and friends of Holly Grim did not want to comment either.

A date for the trial will be set at a later time.

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