Dallas Teachers Hit Picket Lines

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Teachers in the Dallas School District hit the picket lines Monday morning. It's the first strike in the history of the Dallas School District, and there's no end in sight.

About 50 teachers have been picketing in front of the Dallas Elementary School since 9 a.m. One sign read, "Think education is expensive? Try ignorance!"

"We'll be out here until the Department of Education tells us to go back or we come to an agreement," said Mike Cherinka, Dallas High School computer teacher.

The teachers and the school board disagree on several issues like salaries, health care, and early retirement. John Holland, the president of the teachers union says there have been some contract talks, but he is still waiting to receive specifics from the district about those issues.

"They haven't given us a proposal. In 18 months we haven't received one proposal from the district. That's inexcusable," Holland said.

Dallas School District leaders say healthcare costs and state pension requirements make bargaining for things like higher salary increases difficult.

As for students, many didn't mind the day off.

"It's a nice little break we have, but we'll make it up soon," said one student.

"The fact that we're gonna have to make it up over Christmas break is a little overwhelming," said another.

"Nobody wants to strike. We want to be in class. I want to be in my classroom right now with my kids. I'm sure they want to be in there with me even though some probably won't say that. This is sometimes a necessity. You got to get your message out there," said Cherinka.

There was another bargaining session Monday afternoon. Contract talks fell through, and teachers are expected to continue striking on Tuesday.


  • Young Progressive

    god all you old people complaining about teachers wanting fair wages, cant wait till all of the old generation is out of the 570. our dollar isnt worth what it was in the 60’s. lets get real here. And you guys were the ones who screwed the economy for us.

  • Union buster

    Bring in the substitute teachers to break the picket lines. Time to put these unions inline and free our children and taxpayers from the grasps of these socialist organization.

  • losers!

    I don’t work. I am 49 years old and I live in my mom’s basement. I haven’t worked in years. I’m lazy. BUT, if I did work and pay taxes I’d be pizzed! You teachers are more worthless than myself!

  • Les

    See what unions do? They make professionals resort to sign-carrying babies.
    Well folks, maybe you picked the wrong profession? You wouldn’t survive in the private sector.

  • Taxed Enough Already

    Stick to your guns Dallas School Board. The taxpayers are behind you. 12% raises and no contribution to health insurance for them and their entire family is crazy. Had enough of the 5% a year tax increases.

  • sidh31151

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  • donna

    Fire them all and bring in new people. Enough is enough. Tired of my taxes going up. Let them take a pay cut and pay for their own insurance already. They are nothing more than thugs,holding everyone hostage to them. Parents and citizens don’t take their bull. Get rid of them. Stand up already to their demands.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Cry me a river teachers..try paying $869.00 a month for your health insurance..like I do, oh wait I can’t that’s why I’m dropping my healthcare insurance for next year….you teachers pi$$ and moan about what 5% increase…..lol come back to earth and live in the real world…

  • whining whiners

    If more teachers were republicans this wouldn’t happen. When my President Trump takes office, he should start firing all these slacking slackers like Reagan did the air traffic controllers in the ’80’s.

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