Volunteers Working on New Pavilion for Forty Fort Park

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FORTY FORT -- Volunteers in Luzerne County were hard at work crafting a new place for the community to enjoy.

The pavilion in Forty Fort is almost completed. Crews have been working since Saturday to create the $45,000 structure, all of which was donated by local organizations.

The new pavilion will benefit people who use the Forty Fort Park and any activities held there.

"We put out a call, and we got a lot of people coming out to help us and help put this all together," said Christie Wilson, president of Families for Forty Fort Park. "It's perfect for all our summer events and all the events we do throughout the year. People will be able to use it for parties in the summer and different activities that we have going on."

The community is now trying to raise funds for cement floors as well as tables and chairs for underneath the new pavilion.

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