Police Investigate BB Gun Drive-by Shootings

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DUPONT -- Police are looking for one or more drive-by vandals in Luzerne County.

Officers said someone shot out windows on more than a dozen vehicles in Dupont around 10 p.m. Saturday.

Most victims never heard the BB gun shots fired. Instead, they woke up, went to their vehicles to head out for church or to run errands, and saw the shattered glass.

On four neighborhood streets in Dupont, car owners cleaned up by sweeping, vacuuming, and taping.

"They got six or seven cars on Elm (Street). Then they did Penn, and they must have come over here," said Joe Champi of Dupont.

Diane Trzcinski skipped church because of the broken window on her car and the shattered glass on her driver's seat.

"It's like somebody invaded my privacy. It really is," Trzcinski said. "They didn't know what to do on a Saturday night, so they come in and destroy other people's property."

All over Dupont, neighbors spent their Sunday morning cleaning up.

"It just bothers me that I'm minding my own business, and you come out and you see your car damaged. It's a shame," Champi said.

"Shock, anger, who could have done this to so many people?" asked Brian Grula of Dupont.

Police believe the vandal or vandals used a BB gun, because in some of the damaged windows, you can see the small hole the size of a BB.

Victims we talked with have insurance policies where they have to pay for the first $500 in damages, which means the cost of buying a new window will come out of their own pockets.

"It's going to cost me $297," said Trzcinski.

Trzcinski is a nurse. She worked a lot of overtime in the last month to prepare for the holidays.

"Now the overtime is to repair my window with Christmas coming and everything else. I really hope that the cops get them."

Police in Dupont have been asking to look at video from homeowners and businesses with surveillance cameras to see if that captured images of the vandal or vandals.


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