Man Shot by Police After Attacking Officers with Ax, Bat: Troopers

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SCOTT TOWNSHIP -- State police say a man was shot by police after he attacked them inside his home in Columbia County.

Troopers said Johnathan M. Young, 38, locked himself inside his home on Lackawanna Avenue in Scott Township near Bloomsburg just before 2 p.m. Sunday.

Police were called to the home after neighbors said they heard loud noises and called 911. When officers arrived, he refused to let them inside.

"He's flipped out before, but we never had to get the police involved or anything," said neighbor Albert Hankoe.

According to state police, officers from Scott Township Police, South Centre Township Police, and Briar Creek Township police responded to the home to serve a mental health warrant, but Young barricaded himself inside his home.

When officers went inside, troopers said Young charged at them with an ax and a baseball bat. Scott Township Police Sergeant Joseph Grassley suffered a head injury. Investigators said Grassley then shot Young twice.

"They tried to get him out of the house and all I heard was bang, bang, bang," neighbor Richard Moyer said.

Both Grassley and Young were taken to the hospital.

Neighbors watched as the officer left the home holding his head, which was bleeding. They say this whole ordeal was scary.

"Very scary, very nervous and scary, you know what I mean? I knew the guy for 15 or 16 years now," Moyer said.

Troopers said Grassley was treated and released from the hospital. Young remains at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville. A spokesperson for the hospital said because he was shot by a cop, Young's condition cannot be released.

State police along with the Columbia County District Attorney's Office are handling the investigation.

The district attorney will determine if the shooting was justified and any charges that Young may face.


  • Cop Hit on Head After Breaking Into Residence

    ^ That’s what the headline should read.

    Clearly the cop was in over his head, no pun intended. It’s like they aren’t even trained to serve such warrants.

  • Breaking&Entering

    So Man, walks in house no law broken, locks his door no law broken, yells and screams in his house no law broken, men arrive at mans house and break in sounds like a crime. so man with mental issues tries to get men who broke-in out. Men who break into mans house for not breaking any laws shoot innocent man in own home. Gotta love it.

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  • rev. greenbuds

    Whenever I smoke pot I can’t even get off the couch let alone charge a cop with an ax. Maybe I need to try some bathsalts so at least I’ll get up and go to the bathroom instead of constantlydropping dukes in my trousers.


    ANOTHER POTHEAD, once your on Marijuana ending it is all they can do for you, good job police now get the rest of them!

    • holycrap

      You really think Marijuana caused this? Lmfao!!!! Thats why they’re legalizing it everywhere, right? Because it makes people psycho?! The only psycho here is you! Marijuana doesnt cause this, other drugs do. Pull your head out of the sand.

    • tardseverywhere

      He charged at the police officer with an ax. Are you serious?? This is what is wrong with the world. You think everyone needs coddling. How was he supposed to defend himself? His hands against an ax? Get real! If someone charged at you with an ax, what would you do? If you had a gun, youd shoot them! You’re an idiot to even make that statement. Get your head out of the clouds. Police have the right to protect themselves as well. And he wasnt a mentally ill man, he was on drugs. Huge difference!

      • Thin the herd

        The police were fools to think that a guy with his known history was just going to come quietly. They knew they were up front dealing with a dude who was mentally ill and came utterly unprepared to handle the situation peacefully.

        Tell you what; the next time you get fit-shaced and the bar owner has to call the cops to remove your disorderly white butt, don’t whine when you get shot a couple times. The firearm is the only tool in their arsenal. Comply or die.

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