Man Wanted, Accused of Kidnapping Ex-Girlfriend

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OLYPHANT – Law enforcement in two counties are looking for a man after police say he kidnapped his ex-girlfriend at a day care center last week.

Authorities say the man committed his crimes in Olyphant, but police in Scranton and in northern Luzerne County have stepped up their search for Tracy Sessoms in the neighborhoods where he's known.

Police consider Sessoms dangerous.

At the Schooley Avenue Housing Complex in Exeter, people know that Sessoms is a wanted man.

“It’s very alarming because he has frequented the complex,” said Cynthia Marstell of Exeter.

Marstell lives about 10 units away from where Sessoms used to live with his mother.

Police in Lackawanna County say Sessoms violated a protection from abuse order, kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, and threatened to stab her.

“I guess us neighbors will have to keep our eyes out because this woman is in danger until he is caught,” Marstell said.

Police say Sessoms’s crimes began here at a day care center in Olyphant. Despite a protection from abuse order, detectives say he followed his ex there.

Police say they looked video from cameras mounted outside the day care center.  They tell us it shows Sessoms sneaking into the backseat of the victim’s car, while the victim took her two small children inside the day care center.

According to the police report, when the woman returned to her car, Sessoms held a pair of scissors to her neck and ordered her to drive to Scranton.

“He’s quite dangerous. One of the charges is felony kidnapping charge and there are several assault charges. I believe he knows there’s paperwork and an arrest warrant for him, so I believe he’s going to be difficult to locate,” said Olyphant Police Chief James Foley.

In Exeter, people at the Schooley Avenue Housing Complex have not seen Tracy Sessoms. Those who know him hopes he turns himself in.

“Don’t keep running. It’s not fair to the mother. It’s not fair to the children. Just turn yourself in. Do the right thing,” Marstell said.

The U.S. Marshals Service has also joined the search for Tracy Sessoms.

Sessoms grew up in New Jersey, and he has a criminal record in that state.


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