Illegal Tire Dump Cleaned Up in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- One spot in Scranton is getting a little more beautiful this weekend.

The Lackawanna River Conservation Association held a cleanup and beautification project on Parker Street on Saturday.

Volunteers tackled an illegal tire dump site right next to the Parker House on the city's north side.

"We're cleaning it all up. We’re working with the city to establish a river access point here," Bernie McGurl, Lackawanna River Conservation Association

The project was a collaboration with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, the City of Scranton, the DPW, Lackawanna County Recycling Center, Alliance Landfill, and Waste Management.

Once the site is cleaned up, a river access ramp will be added for fishing and river sports.


  • Sam

    The Nicholson bridge was built in 3 years with mules, rope & pulleys & backbone and nothing was pre fab, just think about that when looking at all the projects that take forever anymore. BTW didn’t DeNaples fix a bridge to carry trucks in less that a week recently.
    All these jobs are milked anymore !!

    Oh yeah, the DPW doesn’t build bridges.

  • wnepcommenter

    Wait, so the Rockwell Ave Bridge STILL isn’t finished and the city is devoting resources to what? Get real and take a look at what the nation just did; we WILL vote ALL OF YOU out next.

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