Veterans Walk to Honor Those Still Fighting

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SIMPSON -- A group of veterans in Lackawanna County began a 14-mile journey hoping to spread awareness for veterans who fought overseas and those who are still fighting.

From Dunmore to Simpson, 14 miles, flags in hand, veterans from the VFW in Simpson, along with a police escort, marched and marched.

Organizers say a group of nonprofit organizations joined forces and started this event to raise awareness of veterans' issues.

"It's one thing to say thank you to a vet but with a lot of vets coming back out of jobs that need help, we just want to let all of them know that we are all here," said veteran Patrick Connolly.

The walk began 13 years ago with just a group of veterans but now it has grown.

The group of veterans and kids made several stops along the way at war memorials. The veterans explained the type of sacrifices veterans made defending freedom.

Audrey Cobb was born while her father was serving overseas.

"My dad's a veteran and I come out to support every veteran," she said.

Richard Silva is a member of the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association in Simpson, who rode motorcycles in support of the walkers. He says there is a difference between what soldiers receive when they come home from war and when he came home from Vietnam.

"Veterans Day is for the living, remembering them and showing their appreciation for them. It's sort of a big thank you which is appreciated because today when people say thank you for your service, they really mean it," said Silva.

The walk ended at the VFW in Simpson where they had a special ceremony to honor the men and women of our military.