Veterans Honored By Selinsgrove Students

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SELINSGROVE -- Fifth-graders at Selinsgrove Intermediate School held a program Friday to thank veterans in their lives.

When Tyler Watts' grandson invited him to a Veterans Day ceremony at his school in Selinsgrove, the Vietnam veteran didn't know what to expect but was excited.

"I loved it. The first one I've ever been to and it was very good," Watts said.

The fifth-grade class at Selinsgrove Intermediate School held its first Veterans Day ceremony. The students sang patriotic songs to the veterans.

"There were lots of people crying in the program," Madison Bucher said.

Madison Bucher and Olivia Hoffman were two of the students who wrote and read letters to veterans, thanking them for their service.

"I think it's really important that we honor the veterans who served our country and I just thought it would be really important to do that," Hoffman said.

Then all of the veterans had the chance to introduce themselves.

"I thought that it's really important that veterans get recognized because they don't just go out there to have fun, they're out there for a purpose," Bucher said.

One veteran at the ceremony, Carson Shrawder, served in World War II. He enjoyed the slideshow that featured pictures of many of vets who attended the program.

"It brought tears to my eyes," Shrawder said.

Over 100 veterans attended the service and they tell Newswatch 16 they were very appreciative of what the kids said.

"It came from the heart. You could see it as they were watching the presentation up there. Very good," Watts said.

"I didn't really think there would be that many veterans here. I think it was great and the children did a wonderful job I thought. I loved the songs," Shrawder said.

Organizers say they hope to turn the Veterans Day program into an annual event.