Veterans Disappointed by Protesters who Burn Flag

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Every year, a crowd, made up mostly of veterans, comes together to honor past and present military members at Montoursville Cemetery.

"This is not the only time of uncertainty and conflict we have faced," said a speaker at the event.

This year, the recent presidential election results that have sparked several protests across our country are fresh on their minds.

"I'm concerned about the direction this country is going and we shall see," said Patrick Bailey.

"It reminds me a lot of the Revolution whereas we changed government. We broke away from England with muskets; this time we did it with a ballot box," said Glenn Kaufman.

All of the veterans Newswatch 16 spoke with are OK with people protesting after the election because it's our right as Americans. What they are not so happy about is hearing how people are mistreating the American flag.

"Try doing that in another country other than the United States of America. It's your right; you're free to do that. You couldn't do it in any other country. You wouldn't be around today,” said Bailey.

"Because the flag is the one thing that gives them the right to protest, and I think even no matter how you feel, you should respect the flag because that's what's giving you the rights," said Kaufman.

Kaufman came by himself to the cemetery to honor those veterans living and dead who have their names on a plaque in the cemetery. For him, the annual ceremony is a reminder of the sacrifice he and other veterans made for this country.

"I think it's a good thing. It binds us together. It's nice to see the support of the people," said Kaufman.


  • JD

    I recognize their right to protest. It’s just that they aren’t making a lot of sense. At BEST, Trump hurt some feelings by some of the things he said. He was hired by the people to do a job, now they should let him try to do it. Other than that, what do the protesters want? Would a big fat apology from him make them feel better? Likely not. I was insulted by some of the things he said, but I voted for him anyway, because at the end of the day, there’s WAY MORE IMPORTANT things to be concerned about other than “words”. In fact, the list is too long to write here. But, Trump addressed some of those things, now lets see what he’ll do. And let’s not forget that people from ALL walks of life voted FOR him. When the protesters say they feel “targeted”, guess what? They had issues WAY before the Election ever started. But, go ahead and exercise your right to protest. Then suck it up Buttercup. Worry about the real issues.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Trump won in part because of behaviour like this. The snot-nosed entitlement mentality that has swept over America over the last eight years propelled Americans to draw a line. And that line is TRUMP.

    Get over it, delicate butterflies. The gravy train is ending.

  • jdr

    These punk scum bag college and high school kids who think everybody owes them something can all go to hell!!!! Let these filthy over privileged dirt bag kids and their parents that support them go to another country and burn their flags and protest the way they do here…..let them go to China or North Korea and pull their Fu*kn’ flag burning, and street protesting over there and see how far it will get them before they get locked up or executed.

    I am not in the military, however I have many family members that did serve ……and these scum bag over privileged college and high school kids along with their dirt bag parents that provide no discipline don’t realize if it wasn’t for our veterans that foughT for our freedom…home and abroad WOULD NEVER HAVE THE RIGHT TO BURN DOWN CARS, BURN OUR FLAGS, BURN DOWN BUSINESSES, RIOT AND LOOT AND CARRY ON LIKE 2 YEAR OLD KIDS!!! AGAIN TRY THAT IN NORTH KOREA AND SEE HOW FAR THAT WILL GET YOU!! HOPE ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO DISRESPECT OUR COUNTRY BURN IN HELL!!!

    • jdr

      screw you you piece of filthy garbage….you are obviously some no good piece of garbage lib-tard with no education or respect for the armed forces that gave you the right to express your political freedom. As I stated go to another country and try to pull off you flag burning garbage……If you do take my advise and go over seas to carry on like the 2 year old that you are…I hope they play kick ball with your head!!

  • queen

    i ask the question again, did they vote, what gives them the right to burn our flag, are they mad because they were looking too have free health care, and not a large college bill, for those college students get a job, and go to school as well now that the damage of all the riots who is going to pay for this, i will bet its not you, the person that has auto insurance or the store owner that you could have put out of business because their insurance now will double or triple because of the damage,the flag give you the freedom to protest no riot, you person with obama care i an glad you have insurance but what about the person that is paying between 500.00 and 1500.00 a month for health care,
    When Democrats win an election Republicans and those who supported them quietly express their displeasure, praise our Constitution, and say they will group and fight the good fight at the next election. When Obama won there were not thousands of Republicans saying “He is not my president.”

    When Republicans win an election Democrats through a tantrum. They take to the streets and commit violence. And run around saying they do not recognize the result of elections, that the Republican who was elected by the American people (Trump, and before him Bush) was not their president.

    • jdr

      Yep…when Obama won twice in a row I certainly did not accept him as my president…along with many other republicans. and I never have accepted him as my president. That did not give me the right to burn down businesses, cars, cause riots and act like an over privileged dirt bag college kid with no common sense. Yup when Obama won the last election by the electoral vote and Romney won the popular vote you never head these dirt bag lib-tards…college and high school scum bags complain about anything. OOOO but wait now that a republican won……now the electoral is no good…..we need to get rid of it!! How about you take all these dirt bags that don’t like our political system….these no good filthy celebrities and bounce them out of the USA to a third world Sh-hole where these people belong

      • Writer Girl

        Yes, and protesting and free speech doesn’t mean you can commit crimes of violence against people or property.

      • Poonus

        in both 2008 and 2012 you know why Republicans and moderates who didn’t vote for BHO didn’t riot? they had to work the next day.

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