Veterans Day Observance at Marywood

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MARYWOOD UNIVERSITY -- There are Veterans Day ceremonies all over our area including one at Marywood University in Lackawanna County.

A sea of flags at Marywood represents fallen troops from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In its fourth year of Flags for the Fallen, 7,000 flags were placed next to Marywood's Veterans Resource Center.

"All the lives that were lost here in the past decade or so, kind of a somber thing to look at, all the flags and think that's someone's son or daughter out there," said veteran Elijah Mulligan.

Students, faculty, and the community all came out to reflect.

Elijah Mulligan is a veteran and a junior at Marywood University. For him the flags represent soldiers of the past, present, and future.

"There is still war going on, even though here, back home in America, in the U.S. it doesn't seem that way, but there is still a war going on," Mulligan said. "And there are still people making sacrifices."

Flags were placed all week leading up to the event.

"We have bus drivers that will stop and honk. We have people that come out and thank us. Veterans will stop along the route and they will go ahead and salute."

"As rough as this week has been for some people in the community, and as divided as the community seems to be nationally, it's good to remember we all have things we believe in," said Christine Black, Director of Military and Veterans Services.

Organizers are hoping this event brings the community together.

"I think that it brings the community together, whatever significance we place upon them," said Black.

Marywood University also has a wall of remembrance in their Liberal Arts Center where folks can leave and see pictures and messages to loved ones currently overseas.


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