Star Fitness Center in Edwardsville to Close

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EDWARDSVILLE -- We now know more about some of the layoffs impacting Commonwealth Health.

Star Fitness Center in Luzerne County is closing, and people who use the gym are frustrated. They told us a half dozen workers there now have to find new jobs.

Officials with Commonwealth Health say Star Fitness is closing at the end of the month. Gym goers say there's no place around quite like it, but now, the several hundred people who used the gym have to find a new one.

A crowd of two dozen people gathered outside Star Fitness in Edwardsville, frustrated that Commonwealth Health announced the gym will close November 30.

"If Commonwealth Health was really interested in the community, they would keep this open," said Marcia Knorr.

Officials with Commonwealth Health say Star Fitness is underutilized and that's why is has to be closed. But many people who use it say it's just too important to shut down.

"It's geared towards older people!" said Carrol Gagliardy of Larksville. "A lot of gyms, i can't even fit on the equipment. Here, it's fine! "

For many people, their insurance covers the cost of the $30 monthly gym fee. There's always plenty of parking and with nurses always staffed at the fitness center, gym goers can get their heart rates checked, seek advice about staying fit, and more.

One person we talked to believes Commonwealth Health seems more concerned about its own fiscal health than its customer's physical health.

"It's owned out of Tennessee, and those people in Tennessee, they don't care about us," said Marjorie Hoffman.

Commonwealth Health says membership fees paid past November will be refunded.

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