Bucknell Students Walk Out, Demonstrate Against Trump

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BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY --Friday, about four to five-hundresd students, faculty and staff gathered on Bucknell University’s campus in a demonstration after the election of Donald Trump.

Some students staged a walk-out of classes before the event. then headed

"Students in general had mixed feelings about the results of the election and I believe that this event definitely made true to the fact that the Bucknell community came come together and support each other,” said Jorden Sneed, a Bucknell University student.

University officials say it was a peaceful event, described by students as a sort of open mic session, chance for people to speak their minds.

"We have a lot of students here, students who are immigrants, students of colors, students who are LGBTQ and a lot of those students feel dismayed by the election of someone who has targeted them or at least his rhetoric has targeted them,” said Debra Erickson Sulai, an assistant professor at Bucknell.

"I feel like some of us had to hash some things out and you know in a way that was productive and in a way that was going to allow everyone's voices to be heard in a positive way,” said a student who didn’t want to give his full name.

Bucknell University officials say the event was organized by students.

"We encourage and support dialogue around these issues, we think it's important, conversations that encourage mutual respect and encourage diverse perspectives and I think that's what our students demonstrated,” said Andy Hirsch, Bucknell University’s director of communications.

People who were at the event say it was less about sending a direct message to Trump or to Washington and more about having their voices heard and leaning on each other.

"I know that a lot of my friends are very afraid. There are a lot of people out there saying we should just be quiet and accept the results but there are a lot of us who as Americans know it's our right to talk about it,” said Bucknell graduate student Noel Lampazzi.


  • Robert

    Really, Staff also? Aren’t they paid to teach? Where is that pay coming from?
    A student wants to engage in dialog in a positive way, but would not give his full name. Really?
    I wish I could report for work as scheduled then go do something I’m not supposed to be doing during work hours, be able to call it positive and be positive I’d still have a job tomorrow.
    This is agenda driven, not an effort to do something positive.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Bucknell Students Walk Out, Demonstrate Against Trump……………………………
    Hey Debra Erickson Sulai, did your little butter cup touche feelie students get all upset? lol
    People this is a perfect example of what liberal indoctrination, and liberal teachings gets you…frankly a society of p.u$$.y’s
    Toughen up cup cakes, you will get through this, try prozac, it may help…hahahahha lol

    • JD

      Unfortunately, some of their parents might be proud. However, if I did this when I went to college, my Dad would have knocked me through the goalpost of life! And he would’ve been justified for doing so!

  • JD

    students who are immigrants, students of colors, students who are LGBTQ and a lot of those students also voted FOR TRUMP!

  • Sam

    BOO HOO, we grew up where everyone wins and there are no losers, and now that our gal lost, we are going to stomp our feet in protest, it’s just not fair.

    • JD

      You’re right Sam. That’s the “Common Core Education” that was implemented by the Democrats. Everybody gets a trophy. Look where it got this country.

  • pat

    Bad enough for the students involved, also the faculty and staff? Those people should be out of a job.They are helping to make matters worse. Why are they worried about immigrants? It’s the Illegal Immigrants that they’re talking about. If you’re here legally you’re fine. And it’s going to be better for people with color. I think some listened to the lies that Hillary was spouting.

  • Granny

    This is what our liberal society is all about. Grow up and act like an adult. You lost, get over it!!! Staging a walkout is helping nothing!

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