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After Election, Spotlight Back on NEPA

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SCRANTON --It's no secret the Keystone State was key in the presidential election, helping get Donald Trump into the White House.

Trump met with President Barack Obama Thursday.

In the meantime, national and international reporters and photographers are descending on this area, Northeastern Pennsylvania, eager to see exactly why local voters did what they did.

"We wanted to understand perhaps why people would vote for Trump,” said Magali Bathes, a television news reporter from Paris, France.

She and a photographer spoke with people in Luzerne County Thursday about why they chose Trump.

"In France, we don't really understand this big phenomenon with Donald Trump,” she said.

In Scranton, an ABC News crew out of New York City spoke with people at Chick’s Diner.

"You get a really different perspective in the big cities whether it's on the east coast, the west coast or Chicago and here there are a group of people who think they've been forgotten by politicians in Washington and they're hoping Donald Trump will bring a different perspective,” said reporter David Wright.

Some locals say they are surprised by the attention the area is getting after the election.

"Surprised with all the people coming in and different nationalities and I just really am surprised,” said Donald Raebel of Scranton.

“I was surprised for all those people to come and cover it, I was glad, too,” said Peggy Dougherty of Scranton.



    It seemed like every other state Hillary stopped in she called her “childhood home.” Illinois, Pennsylvania, etc. The voters from Scranton that fell for this and voted for Hillary were fools. She never even put flowers on her father’s grave. Ever! Now the voters from Scranton who could see through this b.s. and voted for Trump, kudos to you for not insulting your braincells.

  • laura

    the press seems to be clueless on this one. i keep seeing it was the poor uneducated whites, and males at that( i’m a woman,educated and while struggling not poor),that voted trump. i saw some people who were dirty standing in line to vote but you could tell the trump voters from hillary’s – the trump voters were dirty from coming from work the hillary voters were that not bathed in days dirty and in lounge clothing. i honestly believe the news would be reading much differently if the people who had problems with the voting machines in luzerne county hadn’t made a big deal about it. i’m willing to bet in other states the counts would be different had people paid attention and made more of a stink over it and we wouldn’t be hearing about how she got the popular vote

  • Robert

    To me this election is very easy to understand. Mr. Trump connected with normal people, Mrs. Clinton disconnected.
    Mr. Trumps rhetoric was not taken literally by normal people. But, was taken seriously as an issue.
    Mrs. Clinton, should have had the ability and experience to dominate all issues being taken seriously by normal people, played the name calling game.

    Any 5th grader could have figured this out at recess. On a Monday!

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