Trump’s Pennsylvania Victory by the Numbers

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- For weeks it looked like the Keystone State would be a key to this election and it was.

A Republican won Pennsylvania for the first time in nearly 30 years. Donald Trump narrowly beat Hillary Clinton here.

In northeastern and central Pennsylvania, Trump's numbers were huge.

The lines were long at many precincts, the turnout in Pennsylvania was up six percent over the last presidential election, and the polls predicting a Clinton win in Pennsylvania were clearly wrong.

"They say we're tied in Pennsylvania. I don't think so," Trump said at a rally in Scranton on Monday.  "I think we're going to blow them out tomorrow."

It wasn't a blowout statewide, but it was in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

Breaking down the counties in our part of the state, Trump won all but two of them, and in most of them, he won with 60 to 70 percent of the vote.

A key to the Pennsylvania result came from Luzerne County. Barack Obama won Luzerne County four years ago. This time, it was Trump with the big victory in our biggest county 58 to 39 percent.

Clinton won Monroe and Lackawanna Counties, but while Obama had a blowout in Lackawanna in 2012, Clinton only won 50 to 47 percent.

The total for our whole viewing area shows Trump won this part of the state 404,967 to 237,714.

"Please make a plan to vote. Pennsylvania, it all happens tomorrow," pleaded Clinton on election eve, asking for the Philadelphia area to turn out.

Turnout there was up, but her win there wasn't as big as Obama's.

Election analysts talked a lot about what happened in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties where Trump swayed many Democrats.

"I'm a woman. I have a four-year degree and I proudly support him because he's an outsider," one voter said.

It was a movement many people in this part of the state have been witnessing firsthand for months, and now the rest of the country sees it, too.

"He's going to be different and someone we've never seen before and I'm willing to give him the shot and he'll live up to it."

Almost all polls leading up to Election Day showed Clinton winning Pennsylvania, some by a comfortable margin. Both those polls and the exit polls networks use on Election Day were all wrong.

Here are the county-by-county results:

 Bradford  17,957 (71%)  6,263 (25%)
 Carbon  18,714 (65%)  8,917 (31%)
 Clinton  9,701 (65%)  4,553 (31%)
 Columbia  17,387 (64%)  8,502 (31%)
 Lackawanna  48,102 (47%)   51,593 (50%)
 Luzerne  74,689 (59%)  49,103 (39%)
 Lycoming  35,475 (71%)  12,926 (26%)
 Monroe  31,706 (48%)  31,930 (48.4%)
 Montour  5,274 (62%)  2,851 (33%)
 Northumberland  24,418 (70%)  9,184 (26%)
 Pike  16,035 (61%)   9,247 (35%)
 Schuylkill  43,937 (70%)  16,724 (27%)
 Snyder  11,710 (72%)  3,991 (24%)
 Sullivan   2,318 (73%)  756 (26%)
 Susquehanna  13,295 (69%)  5,065 (26%)
 Union  10,605 (61%)   6,138 (35%)
 Wayne  15,269 (68%)  6,398 (29%)
 Wyoming  8,375 (67%)  3,573 (29%)

Click here for our complete election results.


  • Dave

    Looks like the deplorable’s just shot themselves in the foot… Say goodbye to your free or low priced healthcare. Sad all the educated people leave the area and this is what they leave behind.

    • Jeff Woehrle

      Let me explain something to you, Dave. “Free” is never free. SOMEONE has to pay for all your free goodies. This election is solid proof that those who are doing the paying are tired of footing the bill for those who do not.

      The gravy train just ended, kid. Get a job.

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