Some Voters Complain of Polling Problems In Luzerne County

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WILKES-BARRE -- The 2016 general election was not without its problems. In Luzerne County, some voters complained that they picked one candidate and the voting machine picked another.

Voters say they never expected that when they would come to the polling place off North Washington Street in Wilkes-Barre to cast their ballot, that the process would instead cast doubt for them on the fairness of the election process.

Linda Chabala felt lucky she realized that who she wanted to vote for wasn't the selection that showed up on her voting machine.

"I'm just wondering how many of us don't catch it!"

Chabala says she went to vote for Republican Donald Trump at the Hollenback Fire Station in Wilkes-Barre, but the electronic voting machine flipped it, instead, showing a vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"If she's going to get votes, let her get her right votes, but she's not getting my vote," said Chabala.

The judge of election would not allow our cameras inside the polling place, but says if there is a problem with the machine they shut it down and then call tech support to come here for help."

"They are touch-screen machines and occasionally there is an issue with calibration," explained judge of election Mary Ann Yonki.

The judge of election says before we arrived in the late morning, two people tried to vote for a particular presidential candidate but the machine switched it. Then, it happened a third time, while we were there.

"It shouldn't be casting votes if it's casting votes you're not picking," said Jo Graf.

Graf says she also tried voting for Trump and the same thing happen to her.

"The reason I'm voting for Trump is I'm completely convinced the polls are rigged."

The Luzerne County director of elections says everyone who realized their votes were incorrect was able to delete those votes and cast new ballots. She also admits that these machines do sometimes have problems.

"We experience calibration issues typically every election," said Luzerne County Director of Elections Marisa Crispell.

The Luzerne County district attorney says similar problems were reported at polling places in Drums, Avoca, Butler Township, and Jenkins Township.

Credit: Google's Electionland Trends

The D.A. says there is no evidence of anything criminal but the Scranton office of the FBI will handle in-person complaints for the next few days.

There are also about a half-dozen counties elsewhere in Pennsylvania that reported similar problems.

According to data from Google, there has been a 300% increase in searches related to "voting machine problems" across Pennsylvania today.

Voter turnout was heavy in many parts of Luzerne County. A seemingly never-ending line of people waited to cast their ballots at the Trucksville United Methodist Church near Dallas.

"I thought I was going to come here and be out in 30 minutes so I don't know who's working today," said Tony Fioci.

"I think it's ridiculous!" added Ann Kardell.

Some people waited for nearly two hours to cast their ballot.

"This is one major election that everyone's turning out for," said Fioci.

Election officials at his polling place said that by noon, nearly half of the 2,000 people registered there had voted. It's one of the biggest turnouts ever.

"I feel like it's my duty to wait, and it's our right to vote," said Sharon Lehman.  "I don't mind it, actually. I've seen a lot of friends and I'm actually making some in line, too."

Other places in Luzerne County saw a big turnout, including the Bear Creek municipal building off Route 115.

"Extremely heavy, our voting is extremely heavy, we're not having any problems, though," said judge of election Nancy Wright.


  • Pete

    Have any people who voted for Clinton seen it change to Trump? No report of that! The top election official in Pa said its “unpatriotic” to challenge voting. The solicitor in Luz cty to election bureau has openly supported HRC. Not looking good for the appearance of a fair election.

    • Allen

      The FBI investigating something pro-Clinton?… That’ll be the day!.. Such a shame that once honorable agency will never be able to wash themselves of Hillary’s corruption.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Isn’t it funny that every time, their is a problem with these new voting machines, they always flip the vote for the democrat..never the other way around…We should go back to the old machines, at least then you had to break into where they are kept, and take the backs off to rig the machine. if it’s close in Pa and Trump loses the state, he should contest the vote because of the machines flipping….

    • Winston

      I don’t always agree with you, but I love your moxie and your course with words. You sir have my “like”. Keep doing what you do.

  • Scriptic

    (215) 418-4000 -There is the phone number for the FBI field office in Eastern Pennsylvania. You are better off calling them than your local District Attorney, although it is a viable option if you record it- but PA is a two party consent recording state, so make them aware of it. No recording devices? No ID required? Yeah, we have issues.

    • Scriptic

      I’d like to meet the seedy, shifty person that disliked this. They gotta be a WINNER that our Constitutional guidelines do not apply to. They must be so ‘magical’ that they were born of Unichorn piss and endless streams of Leprechaun shite to exist on a world floating on a turtles back way above what we could ever even be. They are surely the best person to know for anything relative to reality.

      • Winston

        A Constitutional Republic? Like, one of those places where you have freedom of speech and the right to defend yourself? Who in their right mind would want that? ^read the sarcasm^

  • Hank Maglio

    Let me ask this. Voters who wear Trump T-Shirs either have to remove their T-Shirts or reverse them, but these POS who ARE WORKING at a Poll site can wear a “Defeat Trump” T-Shirt. What utter BULLSHIT!

    Nevada Poll Workers Break Law: Caught Wearing ‘Defeat Trump’ T-Shirts
    Nevada poll workers were caught breaking the law today. Several of the poll workers in the CNN report were wearing …

  • Hank Maglio


    0:02 / 3:03
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    Add to Share More
    38 32
    Published on Mar 29, 2016
    Hillary promised to lob nuclear weapons for the benefit of other countries in the region of Iran, not just Israel, if they were attacked. We would use nukes on their behalf. She notes her ‘umbrella’ plan covers multiple countries in the region, the names of which she refused offer. She initially called the use of nuclear weapons ‘massive retaliation’, but later clarified that term was referring to the use of nuclear weapons by the United States of America.

    A Nuclear War.

    This is the person people are considering for the President of the United States? Someone who flippantly throws the idea of firing nuclear weapons around like toy catapults, as if there would be no consequence to the world? Does she not think there would be a massive onslaught of terrorist attacks on the United States which there is no way to prevent, ones which would no doubt be as horrible and unbelievable as obliterating an entire country full of people in the Middle East? Is she that stupid? (“obliterate” is her word, used to clarify her comments the next day.)

    More dangerous than Trump. More dangerous than Cruz. More dangerous than any recent Presidential candidate.

    We do not need a nuclear war. Perhaps this saber-rattling princess needs to find another line of work because she shows she has no ability to hold her tongue in matters of major importance — and this was even BEFORE she had even won a nomination (’08, which, thank god, she did not).

    People have called Hillary a War-Hawk. I think it is worse than that. She is actually an Armageddon-Hawk who has no idea of what horrors she is unleashing. All voters in America should take note!

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