Trump to Campaign in Scranton Day Before Election Day

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SCRANTON — Donald Trump is coming back to our area one more time ahead of Election Day.

The Republican presidential nominee is scheduled to make an appearance in Scranton on Monday, the day before the election, the campaign announced on its official website.

Trump is set to speak at the Lackawanna Student Union Center on Jefferson Avenue.

The event is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. with the doors opening at 2:30 p.m.

To RSVP for tickets for the event, click here.

Trump’s visit comes one day after Vice President Joe Biden is set to campaign in the Electric City for Hillary Clinton.

Both candidates see Pennsylvania as a crucial state to win and have been campaigning hard in the Keystone State.


  • Whits of there eyes

    Vote TRUMP 2016 It’s fight club for the working class Americans. Patriots vote TRUMP!


    President Trump is much like a great white shark, he smell the blood in the water and is poised to defeat the wounded, limping seal that is snake-hillary. Trump is going to decimate the crook and her satan worshiping cronies, using her bleeding seal carcass to finally turn Pennsylvania into a red state.


    Joe Biden, Liar, and loser from northeast Pennsylvania, smart enough to leave the area, but only comes back when he needs suckers to buy his Democratic nonsense, these people and their party have mis-represented you for years giving you bread crums, and minimum wage jobs, while they voted to let the few high paying jobs in this area leave, now they are back offering you crums, are you stupid, you should great them with axes and pitch forks, and a tar and feathering machine, do yourself and your children a favor, vote for Trump, or vote for anyone other than the thieving Democratic party

    • lookback

      Poor thang, I feel for sorry for you, similar to watching a dog eat and enjoy its own crap. First, “crums” are spelled crumbs, “great” in your context is spelled greet, but then again the predator does like his poorly educated flock and it appears they are more than willing to jump off a cliff with him. But really, what is it that you have in common with him, are you a predator, a racist, a bigot, a commie lover, a troop basher, morally and financially bankrupt or wait, wait, wait for it, you only watch Faux news, no further explanation needed. Stock up on tissues, you will surely need them on Wednesday, my condolences for your loss and my salute to OUR countries gain. Sleep well.

  • Vote for this ?

    “I WILL BRING JOBS BACK” Why not start with his own companies in Mexico , china…. Someone explain ?

    • (C) classified

      At least Trump DOES have employees in the USA. Where’s Hillary’s employees? Oh wait, she has none except for Wiener’s wife. And all she has done was create the civil war in Syria but promising Qatar a natural gas pipeline through Syria to Europe. Qatar paid 1 million dollars to the Clinton foundation in return for Hillary backing anti-Assad rebels for pipeline clearance. Read the facts Hillary lovers.

    • JohnKimbll

      Why not? Because they’re not charities; they’re profit-seeking companies, and they do what they have to do to compete and make money within the confines of the CURRENT LAWS. Would you rather see him find a way to bring back his own few thousand jobs, or get the laws changed so that a few million jobs can be returned?

  • Steve

    I look forward to having all my conversations recorded again. Thank you Trump, for supporting metadata collecting by the NSA and killing all privacy again. I look forward to the next 4 years of it

    • paranoia self destroyia

      You have and always will be getting recorded no matter who our president. Our conversation is being recorded on hete right now. Stop being paranoid and don’t be a terrorist and you will be just fine Steve.

    • JohnKimbll

      Again? If you think Obama and his friends in Silicon Valley have done anything besides expand the surveillance state, you need to remove your head from that dark and remote location where it’s currently wedged. And to think Hillary the statist would do things any differently? That’s a real knee slapper.

      The bottom line is love him or hate him, Trump is our last chance for any real change in our country’s downward trajectory, on any issue. He’s not owned by the ruling elites that control this fake two-party system, and that’s why they’re ALL so desperate to see him lose.

      • One Legal Vote

        I agree, last chance to clean the swamp in D.C. At least Mr Trump did not collect money for a charitable fund and then take millions out of it for his daughter`s wedding or get a million dollar birthday gift like Bill did from Saudi Arabia. You can smell the stink of corruption every time they come to town.

  • Train of Shame

    N.J. Gov Chris Christie is on the Trump Train. As he watches the mother of 4 children go to jail for him. Very proud train.

    • goose

      Hey everybody! Look right here if you want to see a fake account set up by the ‘moderator’ to try to further their bogus lifestyle at the expense of their neighbors. Looks and sounds pretty un-American to me. Keep on digging this hole, because it is rather obvious to the great citizens that you choose to rely on for community, but also choose to cast aside for nominal gains over morality. Live a long and miserable life. Please

  • Come On Folks!!

    Many have left blue states and moved to red states. Just to find out it is a blue state due to your welfare status, black and white. Some have been badgered and harassed going to vote, because of rabies infected mice!! We are Republican to the core. WE cant vote because of mice bull sheet and liberal welfare sheet!!!!! What gives with Pennsylvania?? To much welfare and conspircasy theory????? Pa is screwed!!! Why cant we vote?? Is it a senile mouse everyone believes???? Look at him. And yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pa is screwed!!!!

  • Vote for this ?

    “I did not serve when drafted , I had a sore toe. “. “John Mcain was no war hero, he was captured”. Tump says.

    • goose

      We all know it was out of context after McCain (you might want to correct ur speelleeng) attacked him on a personal subject instead of political subject in the middle of a debate. It garnered free publicity, which explains why he spent 1/10 of what the opposition did to achieve more footing. In Chess, they call that “checkmate”. The fact that you fell for it(?), doesn’t exactly speak worlds about your opinion. It was a distatseful response but, good luck if you still believe in Santa

    • Steve

      A lot more will go to jail with her once the NSA start up their data collecting again. You csn thank Trump for his support of the program. Massive thumbs up for spying on the general public without warrants again!

  • Allen

    So this is it NEPA!.. Do you vote for someone who offers the same thing you’ve been dealing with for years?.. Personally, I’m tired of pay freezes, being told I can’t get a raise cause of the economy, that I have to pay more for health coverage cause prices went up, not being able to make home repairs to the leaking roof or flooding basement, fix the car, and the worries if we spent too much money on food this week or if we can afford those new snow suits the kids will need. It’s NOT supposed to be this way folks! “Hope and change” is what we heard for 8 years and NOTHING CHANGED!!.. and I personally am fed up!.. Now we have a chance to alter that broken promise. No more politicians and their empty lies and empty responses to questions. Sure maybe this guy isn’t perfect, and maybe he’s different.. but maybe that’s what we need… Someone who’s NOT the usual politician and says what he means. He uses the line “What do you got to lose?”… Well, I personally have had enough and I am tired of the way things are, so I am willing to take a chance on somebody who just might finally break this Country out of the same old accepted story! Think about your life situation long and hard… before you vote.

  • Fluff Head

    If you want to pi** of a conservative, lie to him. If you want to pi** off a progressive, tell him the truth. I can’t wait to here Corbett melt over this all day Monday. I get he’s attended a Spirit Cooking dinner with these freaks. Trump 2016

  • Pops_the_Pilot

    Yo WNEP, where’s the coverage on Hillary’s FBI & WIKILEAK stories? It’s costing her the election and you don’t mention it?

  • (C) classified

    I can tell by all the pro Trump posts on here that the majority of nepa is definitely going to be voting Trump. I use the postings on here as my unofficial poll. I do believe Trump will take Pa. with no problems. Lets do the right thing on the last chance we have to save our country and vote Trump on Tuesday.

    • Steve

      Thats right! Bring on the sweeping invasion of privacy by the NSA as supported by Trump/Pence! Who needs a warrant when you can err on the side of national security

  • Hillary4Prison

    Trump 2016!!!!! Come on Reagan Democrats make America great again. NEPA is not Hillary and Bidens home like they claim. Its only home when they want them votes.

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