Trump rushed off stage at campaign rally

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RENO, Nev. — Donald Trump was rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents in the middle of a campaign speech in Reno, Nevada on Saturday after an incident in the crowd near the front of the stage.

A Secret Service spokesperson said an “unidentified individual” shouted “gun” in the audience, though no weapon was found.

The suspect was immediately taken into custody and led out by a throng of police officers, Secret Service agents and SWAT officers armed with assault rifles to a side room.

The Secret Service did not immediately provide further details and said an investigation was ongoing.

Trump was unharmed and returned to the stage minutes later to finish his speech.

Trump was in the middle of his stump speech when the commotion occurred. He was looking into the crowd, his hand over his eyes to block the glare from the stage lights, when Secret Service agents grabbed him and escorted him off the stage. Trump ducked his head as he left the stage.

The crowd surged backward, some supporters with frightened looks on their faces, as the Secret Service and police tactical units rushed in to detain a man.

Several attendees at the rally said they saw a Trump supporter raise up a sign and then a scuffle ensued.

A message left with the Trump campaign was not immediately returned. A spokesman for the Reno police department directed media inquiries to the Secret Service.

The Republican nominee returned to the stage several minutes later.

“Nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped. We will never be stopped. I want to thank the Secret Service. These guys are fantastic.”

He then returned to his regular stump speech. Trump is scheduled to speak later Saturday night at a rally in Denver.

He later issued a statement about the incident.

“I would like to thank the United States Secret Service and the law enforcement resources in Reno and the state of Nevada for their fast and professional response,” he said. “I also want to thank the many thousands of people present for their unwavering and unbelievable support. Nothing will stop us — we will make America great again!”

Secret Service agents rushed to shield Trump onstage in March after a man tried to rush the stage during a rally in Dayton, Ohio, but the GOP nominee wasn’t escorted off stage.

And a man was arrested at a rally in Las Vegas in June after he tried to grab a police officer’s gun, which he said he planned to use to shoot Trump.



  • Hank Maglio

    all the things she says about trump are things that happened in her life,,,,,Hillary Promised U.S. Will Use Nukes in Local/Regional Conflicts – Nuclear War

    Published on Mar 29, 2016
    Hillary promised to lob nuclear weapons for the benefit of other countries in the region of Iran, not just Israel, if they were attacked. We would use nukes on their behalf. She notes her ‘umbrella’ plan covers multiple countries in the region, the names of which she refused offer. She initially called the use of nuclear weapons ‘massive retaliation’, but later clarified that term was referring to the use of nuclear weapons by the United States of America.

    A Nuclear War.

    This is the person people are considering for the President of the United States? Someone who flippantly throws the idea of firing nuclear weapons around like toy catapults, as if there would be no consequence to the world? Does she not think there would be a massive onslaught of terrorist attacks on the United States which there is no way to prevent, ones which would no doubt be as horrible and unbelievable as obliterating an entire country full of people in the Middle East? Is she that stupid? (“obliterate” is her word, used to clarify her comments the next day.)

    More dangerous than Trump. More dangerous than Cruz. More dangerous than any recent Presidential candidate.

    We do not need a nuclear war. Perhaps this saber-rattling princess needs to find another line of work because she shows she has no ability to hold her tongue in matters of major importance — and this was even BEFORE she had even won a nomination (’08, which, thank god, she did not).

    People have called Hillary a War-Hawk. I think it is worse than that. She is actually an Armageddon-Hawk who has no idea of what horrors she is unleashing. All voters in America should take note!

    • Writer Girl

      I think he realizes the left is hateful and resorts to dirty tactics to silence those they hate. Freedom of speech and expression is only that, if they agree with it.

  • Poonus -read number #6 and #10 – Spirit Cooking …look it up, HRC is a Satanist, exposed by wikileaks. No one in their right mind will vote knowingly for a Satanist except maybe Marina Abramovic .

  • Wednesday, november 9th 2016

    Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, our next president of the United States Of America, Mr. Donald J. Trump. (Crowd goes wild) Hillary has her lawyer on speed dial and exclaims, “For the love of God, I really need you now Mr. Rothenberg.”

  • Truetears

    Just a big show to try to make the left look crazy. No one had a gun. It was just a guy with a sign that said, “Trump is a thief”. That’s it. Freedom of speech? Not at a trump rally.

    • Writer Girl

      It’s the other way around. The guy with the sign and most liberals, hate freedom of speech. Wake up to the truth.

  • Dan Wesson (NRA FOR LIFE)

    Clinton could not run a fever never mind a country. Maybe she will send your social security check to IRAN. Orange jump suit coming for her. TRUMP 2016 ALL THE WAY



    • Poonus -read number #6 and #10 – Spirit Cooking …look it up, HRC is a Satanist like her buddy’s running the show. Good luck getting votes now that the truth is out.

  • fried chicken

    I hope that the authorities give this mentally deficient Clinton employee a thural cavity search im sure they will find Hillary in there somewhere !!!


    Thank God for her she will be taking the Republicans murdering guns off the streets!

    • Dan Wesson NRA Proud

      Abraham Lincoln was murdered by a DEMOCRAT. Ronald Regan was almost killed by a DEMOCRAT. So with that being said what is your point?

    • Writer Girl

      And bringing in a host of third world slime to change our country, hopefully take the jobs of people like you and spread their “gifts” like Eboli and Nika. And Americans are stupid enough to think all that is no problem. They will literally risk dying from diseases to help foreign idiots, too dumb to help themselves. God will surely welcome you in heaven.

  • huh? what? how?

    The FBI is now investigating Hillary’s maid for printing off her classified e-mails at Hillary’s request. Wow, why is this woman not locked up? Wow, this woman is the Democrats choice for president. I am baffled.

  • Vote for this ?

    “Sorry to say but , you can’t be great if you are not wealthy” says Trump. Really , people serving in the military are not Great ?

  • Vote for this ?

    “Yes women who choose to have an abortion should receive some punishment from government” says Trump.

    • Writer Girl

      Abortion should be available in rare cases. The stupid women who are too irresponsible to use birth control, or jump into bed with every guy that appeals to them, are pigs!

  • bo sanders

    Wiki wiki wiki wiki wiki wiki wiki. Leaks. It gets explained why your malls are empty and your kids are dying from overdoses. Greed, and power. Drain the swamp

  • Vote for this ?

    Weren’t these government workers who just protected Trunp and his sore toe ? The same government that he complains about and pays no taxes to. Your proud to vote for this ?

    • rcarson79

      About note paying taxes, He overpaid taxes years ago a lot. The government gave him so many years not to have to pay taxes to catch back up to where he once again owes the government. It would be the same for you. If you got married at the beginning of a tax year and they were taxing you in your married name and maiden name all year. Once you prove you were double taxed the would project how much in taxes you would owe for the next year. More than likely you wouldn’t have to pay taxes for the next year. I got the same break when I was moving. Get over the tax thing he knows the laws and tax breaks. If you want to get a better refund do a little research before tax return time.

      • Vote for this ?

        Come on ! What a joke. How do you know this if he did not releae his taxes ? Clearly hiding his records.

      • rcarson79

        Because if you do a little political research and make sure the website is not a lie you find out a lot. Also he has said it in the first debate. I did a little research on it and found out he had a failing business that allowed him to not pay taxes for 18 years. He isn’t a tax dodger he just knows the laws made to help businesses. I have also started a business and have my associates degree in business.

    • Dan Wesson (NRA FOR LIFE)

      We are sorry .We forgot Clinton can walk on water. IF her mouth got any bigger you could probably get a watermelon in it. LOCK HER UP

    • Poonus

      speaking of hiding…. -read number #6 and #10 – Spirit Cooking …look it up, HRC is a Satanist, good luck convincing people to go vote for her. The truth is out.

    • Writer Girl

      Business people pay plenty of taxes and yes, they use the rules to their advantage if they can. Change the laws, if you think they are unfair. Don’t diss the people who use them. Of course, you probably support illegal immigration, too.

  • goose

    A guy named Austin Kritze (don’t quote me on the spelling), had a “Republicans Against Trump” sign and started yelling “Gun” pretty close to the stage. That seems to be what happened from the people I’ve talked to from Henderson, NV that were there. No firearm found. But Hillary ran away from the rain earlier in the week (she’d probably melt, so I don’t blame her), and that’s what I know thus far.

  • goose

    It is NOT about one person. It is about ALL of these people. Do you see this great nation as a passing idea? Or do you mend the world by being part of the place that has shaped economics, redefined the classic classifications, and gave the rest of the world hope and inspiration to become better? I am an American. I know the history. I was born here at this time under these circumstances for some reason. This is who I am, and whether you are just like me or not. You are the same.

  • goose

    It is NOT about one person. It is about ALL of these people. Do you see this great nation as a passing idea? Or do you mend the world by being part of the place that has shaped economics, redefined the classic classifications, and gave the rest of the world hope and inspiration to become better? I am an American. I know the history. I was born here at this time under these circumstances for some reason. This is who I am, and whether you are just like me or not. You are the same

  • Writer Girl

    Just another entitled jerk, who thinks this country owes him a good life, that he’s scared to death he’ll lose if Trump wins. What a loser!

    • goose

      Really? You are going to gang up on me this early with your fake accounts after stealing my story and deleting my comment? You are a peach. You do realize that I thought he could have easily been in on another fix like Obama was and is? I’m more worried about your freedoms than you are. Tell your entire family that all of the holidays are cancelled when America dies from people like you giving away our freedoms for “comfort”. Do you see the paradox yet? Create some new falsehoods. It’s your job

      • goose

        Before you read it like I’m arguing with somebody I should be agreeing with- I was looking at the time stamps and edits. This is kind of a brilliant tactic to seem like two different characters from a journalism standpoint. Especially if you want people to come back and generate ad revenue. I might be wrong on calling it like this, but from previous comments as evidence? I believe we are getting played. Like I said- I might be wrong, and if so? I apologize. Just seemed like I ran into this style before on this site. It has to generate traffic

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