Residents Help Pick Up the Pieces of the Davy Jones Church

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BEAVERTOWN -- Papers and CDs were all that was left in the debris of the former Beavertown Lutheran Church that was owned by musician, Davy Jones.The couple who lived here wanted to complete jones' plan of turning the old church into a  museum and community

The couple who lived there wanted to complete Jones' plan of turning the old church into a museum and community theater.

An early morning fire last month spread through the entire house.

The current owners were inside during the fire but were able to escape.

Cathy Whitehead, one of the owners, lost all her Davy Jones memorabilia in the fire that leveled the house and her cats are still missing.

"I just thought I was dreaming. It didn't even dawn on me until I got out and across the yard," Whitehead told Newswatch 16.

Neighbors and even the McClure Volunteer Fire Department helped Whitehead sort through twisted metal.

Robert Zellers is Whitehead's neighbor. When the fire started, he rushed to make sure everyone was out safely. Since the fire, he has been doing the best he can to help his friend in her time of need.

"It's my duty. It's just another person helping another person," said Zellers.

The fire left nothing but ruble, but Cathy Whitehead expects this area to make a full recovery.

"It's not over. It's still on the footprint of David's church. This is still on the property. This is still his baby and yet it's going to go on," said Whitehead.

Whitehead tells Newswatch 16 she plans to cleanup the debris every weekend. Volunteers would certainly be welcome to help.

The former church will be turned into a house with a new room dedicated to Davy Jones.