100 Protest North Dakota Pipeline During Scranton Rally

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SCRANTON -- Tensions continue in the midwest over a multi-state, multi-billion dollar oil pipeline in the Dakotas. Several hundred people have been arrested during protests in North Dakota.

About 100 people gathered on Courthouse Square in Scranton on Saturday to protest the Dakota Pipeline Project.

"I'm part Seneca so when I heard about everything that was happening, it brought up a lot for me and so I felt compelled to get something together," said organizer Taini Love.

Construction is already underway on the 1,100-mile pipeline, which the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe says is tribal land and a threat to the environment.

"It's monumental," added Teresa Dehlman of Factoryville. It shows that when a cause is just and a cause is right that people will come together."

Steve Jarman spent a month protesting at Standing Rock.

"There's tribes out there that 500 years ago would have killed each other," Jarman said. "Now, they're camping 30 feet from each other, standing together. All this old bad blood put away for a greater cause."

Protesters signed a mural, which will be sent to North Dakota to show support.

Carol Lynn Rodriguez sees this situation a little differently. For her, oil is still a necessity in this country so people might as well embrace the domestic opportunity, as opposed to relying on foreign nations.

"Anything that will help the economy or bring jobs or bring things back to America and build us up again, I'm in favor for that," she explained.

The group behind the rally is planning fundraisers for the future to help get supplies to those at Standing Rock.


  • Holly Pajka

    If you want to bring money back to the economy why not invest in sustainable renewable sources. Then, we can protect the environment and help the economy

  • JohnKimbll

    Pipelines already crisscross the country and there are always more being built; these poor useful idiots have no idea the only reason they’re protesting this particular one is because the Democrats decided to make a political issue out of it (and because their benefactor Warren Buffett will lose money if it’s built). It’s Saul Alinsky’s ‘rules for radicals’ in action: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Just ask Hillary: she wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky and titled it: “There is only the fight”.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Fun facts:

    “Barack Obama” opposes pipelines.
    Warren Buffett owns railroads.
    When oil can’t travel by pipeline, it goes by rail.
    Warren Buffett supported “Barack Obama.”
    Logic is fun!

  • DAPL Supporter

    Why is it these protestors are getting all of the media coverage? Why doesn’t the media cover the millions of dollars in contractor equipment damage due to arson, a fire using what they are protesting as the ignition source. Cut off all oil and gas products and byproducts to these yuppies and see how many are still protesting

    • Bea Freer

      They don’t report it because Americans would be even more outraged to see the human injustices that are going on. Americans begin beaten and maced for peaceful protests while big business sicks attack dogs and bulldozers upon them — all for private, corporate gain. Pipelines are NOT for the people, folks, Once you realize that, you may also be marching against the DAPL, Atlantic Sunrise, and more and more pipelines that are ready to seize more of Pennsylvania. Of course, by then, it may be too late.

  • Jodi

    Tired of NO FACT checking before reporting!! The protestors are not helping the standing rock tribe ! The money raised are for the protestors, who are trespassing on private property, they are not on the tribes land, nor have they been invited to protest on their land ! These protestors are using the tribes name for their cause. This pipeline is on leased land from private residents and fed lands. Before construction began there was a 2 year public comment period, to which the standing rock had nothing to say. there is also an existing gas pipeline along this route, placed in the 1980″s. The standing rock tribe are poor and really could use the money that these protesting are raising but they see none of it. They are in need of heating fuel and food, but these protestors are near their land and donate nothing to them. They are burning wood piles for heat, have gas generators for their needs, have campers and suv’s, they burn piles of tires have burned cars, threaten the locals. Many of these professional protestors do this for a living and according to the donations they are making a good penny, tax free of course !!! It is time for journalist to step up and do fact checking before reporting LIES. Another truth is the DAPL have hired professionals to check the construction areas for any possible artifacts, if they exist, construction would stop for proper handling of such artifacts, if exist

    • Dakota Access Proud

      How about the fact that this line isn’t on the tribe land. They were offered a great amount of money first it to cross them but came back with an excessively greedy counter offer. In turn, Energy Transfer routed the line around the tribe land. So essentially they’re protesting because they lost out on millions.

  • Mike

    Thank you Carol Lynn Rodriguez. Oil is a necessity. I’m sure every single protestor rode their bikes to the protest and don’t use any oil products. People need to look into how much they use something before they jump on a protest bandwagon.

    • Bea Freer

      Most of you are missing the point. People are just protesting the use of oil. People are protesting the loss of our rights, our land being seized, the spills, accidents and explosions. People are protesting that pipelines are being overbuilt, that these companies are not uniting the country to be energy independent; they are dividing families and communities. They are poisoning our water and environment.

  • Nathan

    this is news? 100 people was probably closer to 25. Nice coverage to further the cause and agenda. A better story might be how energy jobs could help employ the agitators.

  • joe

    steve jarman spent a month in ND protesting?
    He must have used all of his vacation time, etc at work.
    LOL, not, lazy bums.
    More shillery voters (freeloaders).

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