Police: Burglar Found Hiding in Family’s Home

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SUNBURY -- Police in Sunbury tell us within the past week and a half there have been six burglaries in the city. Wednesday, two people were arrested, but not before a family came face to face with one of the suspects.

It was late afternoon in the middle of the week. Rico Martin was playing video games inside his cousin's home in Sunbury when out of nowhere a man pushed his way into the house.

"This dude- I hear the back door open, this guy comes running in the house like he's like where's Tiff? I say not here. So he leaves. I thought he left," said Rico Martin.

Rico wasn't the only one in the home. His children and fiancée were there, too when police say Franklin Deibler barged into the house.

"Not even five minutes I hear a big bang I go back to see what it is there's a cop. Gun in my face I'm like okay,” said Martin.

Rico didn't know it at the time, but Sunbury police say Alexandria Morton and Franklin Deibler had just broken into this empty house a few blocks away. Morton was arrested, but Deibler took off down the alley and straight into the home where Rico and his family were. Police weren't far behind.

"They make us get down and what not until they can figure out where he is. They searched the whole house they couldn't find him," said Martin

Sunbury police did eventually find Deibler in the home. Rico says he was hiding in a cubby hole in the bathroom. Police say within the past two weeks there have been 6 burglaries in the city. Neighbors aren't surprised to hear about this latest one.

“We didn't know what to make of it. It was like, ugh, we didn't know what to do," said Irene Girton.

“The guy is lucky I don't have a gun I would have shot him in the face honestly,” said Martin

Deiblur and Morton were arraigned on charges in connection with Wednesday’s break-in. Sunbury police are looking to see if the suspects are connected with the other recent burglaries.


  • joe

    Martin must have been on his day off from work playing video games.
    Girlfriend & kids were home too.
    Oh wait, I just remembered, SS direct deposits went out yesterday.
    No work for this family, riding the welfare train.

    • kyle

      lmfao your whats wrong with this world. social security checks come out the 1st and 3rd so 1 go back to preschool and learn your days again and 2nd they both have jobs and have 3 children and 1 on the way why does it matter how everyone lives there lives? i guess it only matters if you have a government job or working at mc donalds lmfao there is a thing called days off. YOU are whats wrong with this world and would be better off with your 2 cents shoved back into your mouth

    • Tiff

      Listen I’m telling you right now. This was my house. Before you want to put your god damn input in make sure you know the story. MY cousin and his girlfriend have jobs. I have a job. You probably just sit there on your ass all day. You had enough time to comment something negative. Bet if this was your house you wouldn’t be saying shit

    • Alyssa

      funny how i had just gotten off work at 2 that day. not everyone works all day i work morning to afternoon. i do not collect ssd. ive had a job since i was 18 and the same job at that so before you assume shit might wanna check your self because you are so wrong. idiot maybe you should go get checked to see if you qualify for ssd because your retarded.

    • Really?

      Were you looking for thumbs up on your absolutely ignorant comment? Do you think everyone works 5 days a week from 9a-5p? I don’t know these people and surely you don’t either but because he was playing video games in the middle of the day you thinking he doesn’t work and is living off the system? You truly are what is wrong in this world. Judgmental/hateful pos. When I am off work for the day I sometimes sit down and watch TV and can you believe my kid is there as well because I don’t send him to daycare when I am off work?? Does that mean I ride the welfare train as well?? Keep trolling. Loser.

    • Choo choo!

      What are you doing commenting at 8:37am? Shouldn’t you be at work? You must be the engineer of the welfare train!

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