Crashes Cause Traffic Tie-Ups in Luzerne County

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LUZERNE COUNTY -- Crews say a woman was badly hurt and another person has major injuries after a chain-reaction crash in Luzerne County.

It happened on Interstate 81 south near Hazleton around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday.

State police said a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of another vehicle, causing a chain-reaction crash with several more cars. Investigators said the driver of the rig failed to see stopped traffic in front of him and drove into the rear of the vehicle in front of him.

Traffic in the area was tied up for hours. The lanes were cleared and traffic began moving again just after noon.


A car and tractor-trailer crashed on Route 924 near Hazleton just after 5:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Also in Luzerne County, two people were taken to the hospital after an early morning crash in Luzerne County.

A car and tractor-trailer crashed head-on on Route 924 near Hazleton just after 5:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The two people in the car were hurt, one of them was flown to the hospital. The truck driver is OK.

"This is the worst I've ever seen," said a driver who witnessed the crash. "I've seen accidents and this is just awful."

Traffic has cleared up on Route 924.

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  • DLG

    I was stuck in that parking lot for over an hour and just can’t understand why they did not reroute traffic at the 80/81 split, before getting stuck the stand still? BUT raising the speed limit didn’t help matters at all ! I was going along ‘a few miles’ over the speed limit and people (cars and T.T.’s) were passing me doing 80-90 mph! AND if you don’t go fast enough, they try and push you, riding right on your rear bumper…. Terrible that accidents like this have to happen, praying that everyone makes it…

  • Nate Goble

    I will admit I drive like a maniac. But I am NEVER on my phone texting while I’m driving. I get cut off, flipped off, blared at, high beamed, I really don’t care. But I drive smarter than most. If I see you coming up on my ass like a bat outta hell, I’ll move over when I can. Left lane hogs really aggravate me. I’ll blow by and flip them off. But I never cut off a truck driver. Sure most of the mare idiots, but if they’re hauling a lot of weight they are like bullet trains. And they take forever to stop. Be courteous and avoid road rage and stupid accidents.

  • sc

    for those whom jump to blame the CDL holders just cause a “truck” was involved. How about YOU get in a truck for a week and see for yourselves, who are the MOST careless and inconsiderate drivers out there. It IS….the average CAR driver. NOT the trucks.
    it IS true…there is a growing number of incompetent CDL drivers on the road but understand what happened to this industry. Foreigners driving 1 truck with 5 drivers sharing 1 CDL that may not even be legit!
    OUR system and laws and lawsuits are at fault along with greed.

    • skook3

      Yes, you are right: always get the complete story before judging. Today more details came out; the first crash on Rt 924 was caused by the TRUCK DRIVER turning left into a gas station into the path of oncoming traffic. The second crash was in the backlogged traffic stopped on Interstate 81 due to backups from the first crash – the TRUCK DRIVER wasn’t paying attention & drove into the back of the stopped traffic.

  • Wooker1

    These “big rig” driver are totally out of control on our highways! There is more demand for CDL drivers and companies are hiring morons to make up the shortage! Bring back the two speed limit and do more spot inspections by the State Police to ensure the rigs are safe!

    • look out!

      Wooker is correct. Cdls get handed out like candy. I have one and I probably shouldn’t. If I can get one anybody can. And yes, trucking companies will hire anybody. They hire me all the time. I’ve probably quit and got hired eight different times this year.

    • Just Me

      Everyone always blames the truck drivers. Try watching all the morons who pass trucks and cut them off and expect them to be able to stop on a dime. Or maybe it’s the one texting and drifting into the other lane. I can’t count how many idiots I’ve seen on the highway almost hit the front of a truck to get back over with no regard for their own life, let alone anyone else’s. Makes me wonder where people’s brains are located.

  • Nick from NEPA

    SLOW DOWN, give room and get off the phone…… The accidents we see today have to be caused mostly by distracted driving and it is a shame. 1 for the families that lose loved ones, that is most important to keep in mind. 2, the traffic it causes for what, a text or following too closely.

    Arrive alive folks. Give some room, be courteous to those out there on the highways. We need more PSA’s to get idiots off the road. And lastly, police, PULL people over for texting. I would say roughly 1/3 of drivers are texting or on the phone while driving at nearly all times. I would love to take it into my own hands…..

    • Lou From Scranton

      Or just move the hell over…. You probably drive in the left lane going 5 MPH under the speed limit…. When you see someone following to close behind you. MOVE THE F OVER… You are not spitting us by driving slow in the left lane, you will just be cut off at the next opportunity and then crash and die, just cause you wanted to prove a point to the guy following to close…..

      • Nick from NEPA

        Lou, I’m with you there. Left lane Larry’s are THE worst. However, impatience and tailgating does nothing but upset others…… I drive around 72-75 in cruise control on the highway. When in the left lane, manage the pace of traffic and get back over when clear. And ALWAYS use my turn signals….. The problem is, most out there think the road is all theirs and turn signals are ancient technology. Everyone must be aware. Distractions leads to more accidents, period.

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