Is PA Key To White House Win?

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MOUNT POCONO---The election is close, the polls are tight and voters are anxious. Some political experts say Pennsylvania is a key win for the presidential candidates.

"First time voter! Exciting, nerve wracking, definitely feel some type of pressure,” said Amber Ramos of Tobyhanna Township.

Pennsylvania is one of 11 swing states, critical for presidential candidates to win and some political experts say the Keystone State is the most important.

"It's been preached through the years that your vote counts and it's coming down to that saying, your vote does count,” said Jose Ramos of Tobyhanna Township.

Not everyone agrees that the Keystone State would be the key to the White House.

"I'd like to know how they came up with that conclusion, like what was the categories that they look at, what are the items that they looked at? Pennsylvania? We don't really have that many votes in the Electoral College," said Paul Messino of Candadensis.

For those who do think Pennsylvania is critical, there's some pressure.

"I absolutely agree. Pennsylvania is going to be the key state for the election,” said Howard Daley of Pocono Pines. "My vote in Pennsylvania may be the deciding factor,” he laughed.

“The pressure is definitely on and Pennsylvania being the state where they like have to win! I’m like 'Oh my God, of all states, it has to be the one I live in, like I'm freaking out but I'm also excited. I'm excited to see that me alone, I can make a difference,” said Amber Ramos.


  • Meh

    Google: “Pennsylvania voters will use 1980s machines, made by firms that no longer exist, that produce no pap er record of their vo te. What could go wrong?”

  • Drain The Swamp

    PA voting machines owned by big Clinton donor. Wear RED (NO Trump shirts/hats). Stay vigilant for voter fraud.

  • Drain The Swamp

    Too bad it’s rigged. The voting machines in PA are George Soros (Clinton donor) owned. No paper backup. Wear RED (NOT Trump shirts/hats). Stay vigilant. Be safe.


    You better believe that this is a battle ground state; but this election is more than just righteous republicans and sinful democrats. This election is about good vs evil. I was praying last night with my family and neighbors and all of a sudden in a divine intervention WikiLeaks email 15893 popped up on the computer screen. I looked and was horrified of what was displayed. Top Clinton campaign workers practicing satanic cult rituals! I had to pray extra hard to ensure my safety that night. Looks like Mr Ben Carson was right all along, Clinton’s association with a known devil worshiper Alinsky. Can you imagine a snake-hillary president now? Your daughters will be living sacrafices, your sons drafted unwilling into satans army. No wonder Hillary wants sanctuary cities ofr all the illegals, they practice all that spanishy santaria devil worship. It’s our duty as righteous white christians to keep such evil out of the white house before hillary decides to burn a pentagram on the front lawn and summon the ultimate evil herself. Only the great and supreme President Trump has what it takes to set our country on a righteous course.

  • Jay

    “We don’t really have that many votes in the Electoral College,” said Paul Messino of Candadensis.

    Nope, just 20 votes, the fifth largest winner-take-all prize in the country. Where do they find these people?

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