Hazleton Celebrates Joe Maddon’s World Series Win

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HAZLETON -- Inside Cusat's Cafe on Alter Street, dozens of Chicago Cubs fans -- or more accurately, Joe Maddon fans -- gathered to watch the Cubs take on the Cleveland Indians in Game 7.

Maddon's family watched Game 7 at home. Joe Maddon's sister, Carmine, lost her voice after screaming and yelling all night during the game.

"It's something we've been dreaming of," said Carmine Parlatore.  "I didn't think it would come this soon. Joe has only been with them two years and look what he did!"

"I'm so excited," added Parlatore's niece, Amy Weir. "I don't even know what to say. I have no words - I've just been screaming and crying all night."

Maddon's mother, known as Beanie,  traveled to the World Series when it was in Chicago. She has been soaking in this whirlwind ever since.

"Oh golly, (I'm) so proud," said Albina Maddon. "So happy for him. He worked hard and did a good job and he's up there!"

While the family's pride is quite noticeable, from all the smiles to Cubs gear galore, the family is quick to admit that this is also a big boost for Hazleton.

"It shows you can do just about anything and come from anywhere," said Parlatore.

"This is amazing," Weir added. "Nothing good ever happens in Hazleton. But this is it! Hazleton is known for something good now."

Joe Maddon is set to return to the area in December for his annual fundraiser and dinner. 


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