Commemorative Program Honors Vietnam Veterans On 50th Anniversary Of The Vietnam War

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Next Friday, November 11, the country will mark Veterans Day by honoring the men and women who have served our country.

Thursday in Williamsport, hundreds of veterans received some long-awaited recognition.

The commemorative program was held to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. The night honored those who served during the Vietnam War, whether in country or in service.

Hundreds of veterans from the Vietnam War along with their families came out to the Community Arts Center in downtown Williamsport for some long-awaited recognition.

“Finally recognized, at that time period everyone was, we were all downtrodden, beat up,” said Dean Younkin from Jersey Shore.

The program was set up by the United States Department of Defense.

“Defense Department initiative to try to honor the veterans of the Vietnam War,” said State Rep. Garth Everett (R-84th District) “We're ultimately going to be presenting each veteran with a special pin that was made for the 50th commemoration of the end of the war.”

“Oh, this is wonderful, to see the recognition and the praise that goes along with serving in any war,” said Sanders Harris from Williamsport.

For many of these veterans, this was a reunion of sorts.

“I've already met two people that I worked with and went to school with here,” said Younkin.

“It's wonderful, I mean whenever I see any of my era who have served, I ask them where they served and how they served,” said Richard Montei from Jersey Shore. “I love it. I thank them for all that.”

“I think it's wonderful, it's great to see our community honor our veterans,” said Christoper Kenyon whose father-in-law is a Vietnam vet. “Williamsport has a great collection of veterans from all eras and it's just amazing to see them get out and to do something like this.”

Even in their moment of recognition by the U.S. government, many of these men remained humble.

“I think this is a very much a privilege on my part,” said Montei. “I just think it's wonderful. I am privileged to serve our great country.”

“Serving, serving the country, taking care of what has to be taken care of, doing your duty,” said Harris.

To learn more about the commemorative program of 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War go to this link:

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