Alleged Heroin Dealer Jailed in Luzerne County

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP — A suspected dealer is behind bars in Luzerne County, accused of selling drugs that led to heroin overdoses.

Police say Richard Sweeney, 31, from Hanover Township, had more than 300 packets of heroin that have been linked to overdoses in the county.

Sweeney faces a long list of drug charges and was locked up in Luzerne County with bail set at $200,000.


  • Name*

    Keep feeding that prison system. I mean why would we want to try some different approaches to drug use? Apparently whatever we are doing is working. I mean it’s not like overdose deaths are at an all time high. We have cops and prison guards who need job security.

  • Fried chicken

    The only difference between this bad dude and the and big money pharmaceutical companies is that his product isen’t legal there’s is there both supplying the goods one would only guess that this person did not donate to the Clinton Foundation what it be just sayen!

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