Time to Sign Up for Home Heating Help

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WILKES-BARRE -- With colder weather on the way, the state is once again urging people to sign up for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP.

Assistance is awarded based on need. Families who qualify can receive up to $2,000.

Pennsylvania's Secretary of Human Services Ted Dallas was at the YMCA in Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday addressing the program.

"Sometimes it’s people that don't want to ask for help or they're afraid of the stigma associated with it, but really it's a benefit that's out there for you to help as part of tax dollars being spent. You should go get them if you can," said Dallas.

In addition to money for heating, LIHEAP provides assistance for emergencies such as furnace repairs. Special programs are also available for the elderly and people with disabilities.

For more information and to apply, click here.


  • Bill

    What about responsibility no wonder my taxes keep going up. I understand people get in a jam but most is just lazy I see it all the time .why should I work to pay for others I did it by the book I don’t just quit jobs I have 2 jobs my wife works we do what we can for our daughter we don’t have kids all over the place we can only afford one so that’s what we had. I buy cars I can afford. American taxpayers pay for all these free loaders even the damn city bus which I never rode or wanted to we subsidize people need to take responsibility for them selves .

    • Dave

      Maybe it comes down to paying a livable wage. 7.35 and hr is a joke..So instead of complaining about the lazy Old lady living on SS and trying to stay in her house and the “working” families who live from paycheck to paycheck because that’s 90% of those who receive the help.Complain to companies who pay their employees poverty wages.Those are the real benefactors.. They call it Corporate Welfare..Look it up and educate yourselves and stop blaming those who find it hard to ask for help,cause the Walmarts of this country have no problem telling their employees about the programs… BTW…I don’t receive any help. So you heartless “explicit” can shove your destain for my comments up where the sun don’t shine.

  • Frank

    why even work? the government pays for everything these days.food, phone, car, internet, college, heat, iphone, abortions, clothing. I’m sleeping in tomorrow

    • Must be nice

      I don’t mind it if they really are in a rut and need some help. Far to many abusing the system and the ones paying for it don’t even get a say. As far as the Internet and cell phone that’s rediculous and should not be a thing. How they are allowed to spend their food stamps needs a major overhauling too!! I was behind a women at Walmart buying cases of slim fast with her ebt card!! Real awesome right?!

      • Lauralie

        People like you are never happy with what people using ebt buy. What business is it of yours? Usually I hear people complain about snacks, junk food and steaks but now even slim fast isn’t acceptable? What is acceptable? Just bread and water? Or is that too seen as a luxury in your eyes?

      • Must be nice

        Ummm no I not happy when I see people buying slim fast with their ebt card!! There should only be certain things that are allowed to be bought with it. It should be food!!! Real food!! Healthy food!!! While its a little agitating when they buy steaks because frankly it must be nice I can’t afford steak all the time but at least it good food!!! That’s what I’m getting at. If your getting free food there should be rules and quite frankly it’s discusting that there’s not any.

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