Man Charged with Assaulting Baby

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SCRANTON -- A man is charged with assaulting a baby in Scranton.

Police say Chester Godfrey, 24, admitted to shaking and hitting his girlfriend's 4-month-old son while he was babysitting the child over the weekend.

Scranton police arrested that man Monday night after an interview at police headquarters.

According to court papers, Godfrey first denied abusing his girlfriend's 4-month-old son, but he eventually admitted to hitting and shaking the baby.

Neighbors say five people live in the second-floor apartment of a home on Moosic Street in Scranton: two adults and three children.

According to court papers, Godfrey was home on Saturday babysitting all three children. The mother of the children returned home from work to find her 4-month-old son with a cut above his eye. Godfrey said it was caused by one of the other children.

The child's condition worsened over the weekend. Police say the baby started having seizures and was flown to Hershey Medical Center Monday night.

That's when Godfrey was questioned by Scranton police. Officers noticed inconsistencies in his story and he finally admitted to throwing a DVD which cut the child. Godfrey also admits hitting him and shaking him three or four times.

Neighbors say they witnessed Godfrey hitting and yelling at the two older children who live here.

The 4-month-old remains in the hospital while Godfrey is behind bars, charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Neighbors say Godfrey is not the father of the 4-month-old boy who was injured. The child's condition has not been released.


  • John

    Where the hell was the mother this child was only 4 month’s old three days with this 24 year old shame on her also she deserves to be charged just as equal or even greater!!!

  • jerry mcknuckles

    This is why I stay away from babies. I don’t have the patience for babies crying. That kind of stuff could possibly make me snap. I always use condoms cuz I don’t feel like doing life in prison.

    • BE NICE

      Very rarely do we hear the truth. It was tempting to give a down thumb to this comment based on the fact this person can’t tolerate a crying baby and could see himself snapping under similar circumstances.
      But he did the rare thing of telling the truth and acknowledging his limitations. Hopefully he never has kids if he feels this way. But if he does have kids, therapy would be a smart choice to avoid this kind of thing.

  • CLINTON 2016!

    Where were the parents? The mother should be spayed and the father should be found, put to work, and have his wages garnished until his child is 18.

    As for Mr. Tough Guy “babysitter,” throw him in Gen Pop with a tattoo across his forehead that says “BABY BEATER” and see how long he lasts.

    • BE NICE

      Amen to all of that. I guess the people who gave thumbs down are part of the problem. It appears they may be seeing more righteousness from the standpoint of the wrong-doers than the innocents. They must be from Scranton.

      • BE NICE

        I agree that all of the adults involved here should be held accountable for their actions. But I don’t think the problem is that this baby was born. I definitely think that the abuser should be sterilized so that he can never bring kids into the world to abuse.
        The baby probably wouldn’t be here if it were up to Hillary, who believes that women should be able to abort their babies even in the third trimester. So I guess I can’t say that I agree with the whole thing.
        It’s tragic that babies are helpless to this kind of human scum.

  • nojustice_nopeace

    The one man i dated after my divorced i married but i made it perfectly clear that i didn’t care who or what someone was, hurt my child and yo momma won’t find enough of ya to give you a proper burial.
    It’s sad that young women today have such a poor selection. Any guy like this out there their families need to set them straight before it gets like this!
    In my house people aren’t allowed to even speak abusively never mind anything else. Heads roll.

  • Tired of children paying for their parents' irresponsibility

    Where were this child’s parents? The mother should be spayed and the father should be found, put to work, and have his wages garnished until his child is 18.

    As for Mr. Tough Guy “babysitter,” toss him in Gen Pop with a forehead tattoo that reads “BABY BEATER” and see how long he lasts.

    • DW

      Sadly he is the father of both children. The mother was at work. I don’t know why the news reported him as ‘babysitting’.

  • Some mother

    This mother has terrible choice in men! There’s no mention of the child’s “father”, presumably not this loser boyfriend.
    This poor baby can’t catch a break. The best thing would be for a responsible adult to take custody; this precludes the mother, the unmentioned father, and low-life boyfriend.

      • Really

        she has three children.. the two older ones are his.. the baby was not his. she was at work and trusted him with all three of the children just like she has before. how does it make her a bad mother that she is trying to make money to feed and care for her child. she didn’t know this was going to happen.

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