Hazleton Mayor Proposes 20 Percent Property Tax Increase

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HAZLETON -- Homeowners in Hazleton could soon be paying more in property taxes.

Tuesday afternoon, the mayor proposed a 20 percent increase to help balance the city's budget.

In addition to raising property taxes, the mayor of Hazleton is also calling to increase some current fees and create new ones. The mayor calls the changes necessary.

Mayor Jeff Cusat announced property taxes need to increase to maintain the same level of services for the city. The tax hike would mean about $56 more a year for the average homeowner.

"We need to stay status quo, that's all this does is keep the same number of employees," said Mayor Jeff Cusat, (R) Hazleton.

For the mayor's property tax increase to go into effect, city council needs to back him up, but some members are not on board.

"The taxpayers cannot afford it," said Grace Cuozzo (D) Hazleton city council. "You want my opinion? They can't afford it. I've already been told, 'The property taxes go up, people are moving!'"

The mayor also wants to increase parking tickets from $10 to $20. He also wants to create a new tow recovery fee. It'd cost you $50 more to get your car back."

Mariveo Chavez owns a clothing shop on Broad Street in Hazleton. She believes more fees could slow down or even hurt the redevelopment of Hazleton.

"I think that will be a hit on the downtown businesses," said Chavez. "We are already suffering the pain for people not coming downtown to buy because they are getting fined all the time!"

Hazleton city council is still reviewing the mayor's proposed budget and what it means for taxpayers. A budget needs to be in place by the end of the year.



    This tax hike might as well be a punishment for being white. Everybody knows that the illegals don’t own property and are not invested in their communities. I remember a time when Hazleton used to be a shining example of what a good christian community should be like. Now its been infected with all that “spanish” and now is a city of sin, deception and misery. Once Supreme President Trump rounds up and kicks all the illegals back over the wall, Hazleton will be a ghost town. Have fun collecting all that tax on the 50 white property owners that are left. Lets have President Trump Make America Great Again!

    • lelani

      Psst…in order for that to happen, they have to be illegal. The bulk of the people you are bashing are here legally and you can thank your local churches for sponsoring them.

  • Me

    Hazel ton isn’t even livable according to my standards. They need to double the property taxes just to hire enough police to keep up w the violence. Your worried about biz downtown? Im never stepping in hazel ton, even if they’re giving everything away.

  • jake

    Oh and why you’re at it, tell Frankie vito to retire already. He doesn’t know how to patch a road. The entire city needs an audit.

  • jake

    Cusatt needs to bring businesses to this area, not just raise taxes to solve problems. A complete lack of creativity. Totally over his head to be mayor. One term.

  • An Actual Taxpayer

    We just had our property reassessed. WE PAY OUR TAXES TO A WELFARE SOW!! SHE treats US like SHIT!!! Quit raising taxes and cut welfare. these fools that support trump should put their ,woops, our, money where their mouth is. WELFARE NEEDES TO BE CUT. Support trump all you want. You CANT keep your welfare check and your guns too. Check out the liberal welfare state at your boarder, or ask people who left those WELFARE states. Liberal democratic welfare Obama mentality has killed America. Get a guy off the internet if you want, he still wont marry you, what is he running from? Why wont anyone have you? Welfare is not the solution. It is the problem. Cradle to grave mentality is Socialism! Don’t be a hypocrite! WAKE UP!!

    • jake

      Welcome???? Don’t you remember the lawsuit? Hazleton led the battle nationwide. A lot of cities took our lead and battled illegals with various laws. All declared illegal by democrats in this country. Democrats are the ones promoting illegals. They are selling this country out based on wanting more voters down the road.
      Keep voting democrat and you’ll see south America take over. All because of democrat greed and corruption loike the type Hillary Clinton is showing. I’m sure there are some Clinton idiots reading this. Good job. Same goes for Corbett on the radio. Another idiot.

  • joe

    “We are already suffering the pain for people not coming downtown to buy because they are getting fined all the time!”
    Obey the traffic/parking laws & you don’t get a ticket.
    The “entitlement” attitude is what gets you a ticket.
    This is the USA, not Mexico or some other 3rd world country, at least not yet.

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