A ‘Sign’ of Things to Come in Forest City

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FOREST CITY -- A new sign in one community in Susquehanna County is meant to connect people with all the area has to offer.

The slogan in Forest City is "A Mile of Hospitality," and now that mile is on the map in one central location.

The double-sided sign was unveiled Tuesday featuring all the places that make up the community.

“Our goal is improved economic development and foot traffic into stores and increased revenue for small businesses,” said Joy Zazzera, Greater Forest City Business Alliance.

The $6,000 sign was paid for with tax money from Susquehanna County and the state. One side is specific to Forest City. The other includes regional attractions people could visit while in the area.

“Just making these linkages with these other organizations is a great start. It takes a village to build,” added Zazzera.

The hope is that the new sign will help people who visit the Rail Trail for hiking or biking will get downtown and realize there’s more, from businesses on Main Street to places in Kennedy Park, which has ballfields and a playground for people to recreate.

“Forest City is the perfect place to get people to stay over. Eat here, shop here, get back on the trail and continue,” said Lynn Conrad, Rail Trail council.

Meanwhile, Forest City is getting a makeover including new sidewalks along Main Street. With the sign in place, people who live here hope the area can reach its potential.

“It could help show people what’s here. There are plenty of businesses on the Main Street that are locally owned. The more people we have coming, the more we can get that character we deserve,” said Jan Troiani of Forest City.


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