World Series Excitement in Hazleton

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HAZLETON -- The city of Hazleton has a special connection to the World Series this year because the manager of the Chicago Cubs is a native of the Mountain City.

New TVs have been bought, decorations are being put up, and the crew at Cusat's Cafe in Hazleton is bursting with excitement as they prepare a watch party for game one of the World Series.

Not just because the Chicago Cubs could win the series for the first time in 108 years, breaking baseball's oldest remaining curse, but because that victory could come at the leadership of Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon, who calls Hazleton his hometown.

"When Joe got the job, he referenced Hazleton in the press conference, and said 'just like the Hazleton way -- shots and beers!" said Rocco Cusat.

Rocco Cusat grew up with the Chicago Cubs manager. His bar and restaurant along Alter Street in the city will certain have plenty of shots and beers on hand as many come to cheer on Maddon and his Cubs.

"The community is excited. We are all excited. We are all rooting for Joe! He has had success and now he has an opportunity to do something really special for Hazleton and Chicago."

A packed house is expected at Cusat's and even the Maddon family is expected in attendance. Those preparing to watch game one of the World Series are already predicting a win.

"I think they are going all the way," said Michael Circelli. "I think the series is going to go four games to one."

While Cercelli predicts the Cubs to win it all, his mother believes the Hazleton native's overall success in Major League Baseball is already a victory in his hometown.

"This is terrific. This is terrific for Hazleton," said Elizabeth Lutz. "It's terrific for all the people here. We love him and we just wish him all the best!"

Many in Hazleton and millions around the country will get to watch Joe Maddon and the Chicago Cubs take on the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland beginning Tuesday at 8 p.m.