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Injured Birds Recovering in the Poconos

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- Two birds are recovering at a rehabilitation center in the Poconos after they were found in rough shape. A bald eagle and a red-tailed hawk were both found emaciated in Monroe County.

The little hawk looks good for his age now, but a few weeks ago he was found belly-up in a creek near Delaware Water Gap. Now he's gaining weigh and recovering at Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Hamilton Township.

"He was emaciated and very cold and wet," said Kathy Uhler, Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Director.

Center director Kathy Uhler says this red-tailed hawk is like many they care for each year, but this one separates himself from the others.

Around his leg, you can see a silver band.

"The bird has a federal band. Some private bander had banded this bird in 2002 and to find that out is pretty amazing because people always ask, how old do these birds get and that's how we find these things out is by receiving these banded birds," said Uhler.

At 18-years-old, this hawk is also believed to be the oldest the center has ever cared for.

This is also peak migration time for birds of prey, which also means it's a busy time for people here at the center.

Another bird found in rough shape was a young bald eagle. He was found at a state park covered with parasitic lice.

He's now receiving physical therapy at a clinic in Bethlehem. The center in the Poconos will care for him until he can be set free again.

"Hopefully he will be able to be put into a pre-release flight enclosure, get some exercise and get right back out to where he belongs," said Uhler.

Because of the influx of birds brought to the center this time of year, the center can also use your help.