Flood Victims Devastated by Loss of Pets

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HILLSGROVE TOWNSHIP -- A family in Sullivan County was holding out hope that somehow, some way, their dogs would have survived last week's flash flooding that destroyed their home.

We went back to Hillsgrove on Tuesday where a family who lost their house found out they lost even more.

Like a pile of trees ripped from their roots, Kristen King and her family were uprooted from their home in Hillsgrove by rushing floodwaters. That home is now a pile of rubble.

"I turned like a second and the basement wall was coming in after us and all of our furniture was rushing in after us. I froze; my husband is screaming at me. I got swept away. It was a matter of seconds. I got swept away into him," Kristen King.

The family got out, but the rush of water from Mill Creek separated Kristen from her two pet boxers Gemma and Flo.

"Our babies," said King. "We got to get our babies and they were like, 'You can't. You can't go in there and get them.'"

Since the weekend, volunteers have helped Bellabon's Pet Recovery search for the dogs.

That search came to an end in what was left of the house.

"They found them," said Bonnie Lynn of Bellabon's Pet Recovery. "They are not alive."

While the family's main concern was finding their dogs, friends know there is a lot more to clean up, which is why they are hoping to raise funds for the family.

"I'm just going to keep trying to help them and be here as much as I can," said family friend Rhonda Stanek.

Because the family does not have flood insurance, friends have created GoFundMe accounts to help with the costs.

"We helped people; we never expected to be on the other end of that help," said King.

Getting out of the flood waters wasn't easy. Kristen's husband cracked his kneecap trying to get himself and his wife out of the house.

They are currently staying in a nearby cabin. They say they plan to rebuild but not near Mill Creek.

GoFundMe pages have been set up to help flood victims.

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