Buying Beer May Soon Be More Convenient

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HAZLETON -- The Pennsylvania Senate says people in the commonwealth have been asking for more convenient ways to buy their beer, so legislators in the senate voted 48-0 to pass a law that would now allow beer distributors to sell six-packs.

It's great news for beer distributors like The Beer Store in Hazleton. The law would allow them to sell six-packs directly to consumers.

For a long time, distributors could only sell cases. Recently the law changed to allow 12-packs and now this.

"It should be quite advantageous to us," said owner George Leitner, saying the sale of12-packs made a difference to his business.

Places like Hell's Kitchen on Broad Street in Hazleton are concerned the boost in business for beer distributors may come at the expense of stores and restaurants that are only allowed to sell six-packs.

"I feel as though they are allowed to sell six-packs, we should be able to sell cases of beer," said owner Keith Kojeszewski. "Because elsewise we are going to be put out of business. They can sell it a lot cheaper because they are buying it direct."

The owner of Hell's Kitchen hopes legislators weigh the convenience for consumers to buy beer with the interest of small businesses trying to survive selling them.

The proposed legislation still has to pass a vote from the state House of Representatives in Harrisburg, and then it will be sent to the governor.


  • burtfan16

    Convenient stores and distributors should be able to sell either quantity. That way everybody gets a fairs shake. Kegs are a different story but most likely package stores don’t want to deal with them anyway. This state has to catch up to the times. In many states you can buy beer, wine and liquor in the same place. Wake up Pa. and catch up with modern times.

  • Peter Fitz

    Bars, restaurants, and delis also buy beer direct. So I am not sure why Keith is quoted as saying distrubutors can buy direct.

  • Valfreyja

    It’s time for them to do away with the state system period. They enacted sales tax on online sales. That WAY MORE than compensates. Enough is enough, Taxylvania.

    • Korben Dallas

      Liquor is cheaper in PA than NJ, NY, and MA.
      Privatising will drive costs up.
      I am againt privatising.

  • jacksincharge

    Thanks a lot, that gets us to 1980. How about moving us into the 21st century and making beer and wine available in all grocery stores?

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