Three Dead After Crash on Interstate 81 in Susquehanna County

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HARFORD TOWNSHIP -- Three people are dead following a crash on Interstate 81 in Susquehanna County Saturday morning.

It happened around 3 a.m. near the Gibson exit.

State police said five people were in a car headed north on the interstate in Harford Township when a tractor trailer hit the back of the car.

According to the coroner, two children in the car died at the scene. Alicia Stocks, 25, Rockaway, New York was taken to the hospital where she died.

The crash shut down the northbound lane of Interstate 81 for about six hours.

State police are investigating what caused the truck to hit the car.


  • Rich

    first of all I would like to send my condolences to the family.
    I was one of the first ones on the son my nephew and I kept the c ars and trucks from hitting them.with flashlights. where was the truck driver for the first15 minutes.while they were laying on the highway.he left them laying on the road .shame on him.and he wasn’t a foreigner.he was a black man.and shame on all the people that drove by and didn’t even try to help.let’s hope it’s not u next time.

  • sc

    it is amazing how many people are eager to convict and punish without any true knowlege of what actuallt took place.
    for instance….What if the car was stopped in the roadway, without hazards flashing or brake lights lit?
    (by the looks of the REAR of that car. that is a likely possibility given the extent of damage.)
    There are a lot of questionably legal foreign drivers of semi trucks on the road today. thank the foreign shipping companies for that. Truckers dont make what they are worth…anymore…so that eliminates a lot of the best, professional drivers that have a family to feed. its one of the most dangerous jobs out there.
    ….btw….no one would want a world without trucks. You simply wouldnt have the life you are accustomed to and have to drive yourself to the ports for everything from clothes to food, furniture to the car you drive and phone your texting on while your driving your car and cutting off the semi behind you.

    • Anonymous

      those were my cousins
      if u dont know the story please dont talk. it doesnt matter the time they were out . they were with their mothers on a road trip .

    • James

      First off I’m sure they were headed back since they were from New York. Why would it matter when there children were in the car

    • Anonymous

      those were my cousins
      if u dont know the story please dont talk. it doesnt matter the time they were out . they were with their mothers on a road trip .

  • Mina King

    I know everyoneeveryones upset, instead of going back and forth arguing about this situations you should be praying and giving regards to the family. As one of the family members OF THE LATEST HW 81 ACCIDENTS Where members of our family died, I’m saying there’s no need to argue just pray for the families and come up with ideas to fix this Problem..instead of going back and forth like this… (Heart Broken) … GOD BLESS

  • Kim

    I really think there needs to be more regulations for these trucks, we travel a lot and sometimes it can be down right scary how something that big is being driven. Not that long ago we were on the road and it was basically us and a big truck and the truck driver for some
    Reason turned of all
    Of his lights and it was almost impossible to see where he was. Other times they ride your butt so close and when you have you kids it the back its really hard not to imagine what would happen if you had to step
    On the breaks. Not all of them are like this but we see it a lot.

    • tom

      being a truck driver for 20 yrs i can tell you what i encounter cars coming off ramps faster than flow off traffic no turn signals,cars weaving in and out of traffic reckless no turn signals,cars doing slower than speed limit go to pass them and they speed up so you cant pass,cars driving with high beams on to blind other especially in ny state,cars riding in left lane to block the lanes for trucks to pass,cars driving 20+ over the speed limit,cars doing you turns in the mediun and pulling out in front of trucks i can go on and on!truckers try to be the safest drivers on the roads and its been proven than 90% of accidents between cars and trucks are cars fault!

      • Kim

        Coming from a family of truck drivers I agree that people drive like idiots!! But I’ve personally seen too many rigs driving like idiots also!! Was not attacking but you know as well as I do a lot of truck drivers drive way too fast and come up on much smaller vehicles and you either get out of the way or get pushed out. Beings trucking is a business I believe very strongly the goal should be to get there safely not as quick as you can and as I said before not all of you drive like that but it only takes a few right? Safe travels to you.

    • Sam

      There are more accidents between cars than there is with trucks and cars, so why do people blame the truck when it’s involved .
      Including an incomplete story on the accident.

    • joe

      Exactly what would you like done that’s not being done?
      Drivers of cars should be more regulated too.
      Like the ones fixing their hair, putting on make up, texting, reading, all while the car is in motion.
      I drove truck for 28 yrs.
      Companies & drivers are regulated up the wazoo now.
      I’m glad I’m retired & don’t have to put up with the federal & state regs concerning driving a truck.
      There’s a possibility the truck driver suffered a medical emergency that incapacitated him.
      Quit your whining.

      • Lacie

        I don’t think she was whining in this she was making a point you
        Are the one who seems to be whining. But let’s face it whe a big truck driver hits a regular vehicle there’s not much chance for those in that vehicle to survive especially going 70 mph. There’s plent that could be done. Like for starters don’t think big rigs should be able to drive so fast I’ve been going 75mph and had rigs pass me like I was sitting still. You all may not drive like this but when your the biggest thing on the road you shouldn’t be able do drive like idiots.

    • sc

      if you dont know the industry…dont comment on it like you do.
      fact is most trucks on the road today are governed at 65mph.(not all,most)
      most,not all-Elog drivers CANT drive past regulated time. the trucks are Elogs will derate the truck so your forced to stop and ALL info is logged into a national database.
      You want better drivers?….start being pro-american and quit buying everything from walmart and dont vote for someone with a law degree.

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