Homes Washed Away By Flooding In Sullivan County

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HILLSGROVE TOWNSHIP -- Emergency officials in Sullivan County said at least three homes were washed away by flash flooding overnight.

It happened in the Hillsgrove area, north of Hughesville.

Heavy rains in the area caused Mill Creek and others to rise quickly, damaging several structures. Trees were uprooted and Route 87 was damaged.

It has been an unimaginable day for people in the Hillsgrove area of Sullivan County. Flash flooding overnight washed away at least three homes.

"We're guessing what happened was this house here blocked the bridge, which then caused the overflow of the road," explained Hillsgrove Fire Chief Bill Stabryla.

Route 87 over Mill Creek has essentially become a waterfall for onlookers to take pictures.

Crews continued cleanup throughout the day, moving all the mud they could as road crews inspected what was left of the bridge.

John Wagner and the rest of the Mechanicsville Fishing and Game Club used a four-bedroom cabin almost every weekend, and he never imagined a flood would wipe away the entire front yard and the three-story cabin.

"To see something like this from the last flood and there was nothing like this, to see a three-story home turned to rubble, rubbish. It's a shame," Wagner said.

Kathy McCarty grew up in Hillsgrove and is thankful her parents' house was spared. Her yard looks a little different.

"He mowed that every week and now it's just a disaster. It's terrible."

The Hillsgrove fire chief tells Newswatch 16 everyone was able to make it out safely but it is going to be some time before things get back to normal.

"There's a lot of work that's got to be done here," said Chief Stabyla. "This road here will be closed for quite a while."

Flooding also damaged homes and stranded residents in Lycoming County.

Click here for a list of roads closed by flooding in Lycoming and Sullivan Counties.



  • El Ma

    This is a dreadful event for the residents of Hillsgrove and other areas that were hard-hit by the heavy rains. These folks need compassion and some help rather than opinions and speculation. Floods happen. They’ve always happened. They will continue to happen for as long as this planet has water. What doesn’t always happen is people reaching out to help. Contact the local Red Cross to find out how you can get off your smart phone and actually “Do Something” to help these families in their time of need.

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