Sunbury Police Dealing with Rock Throwing Problem  

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SUNBURY — Captain Stephen Bennick with the Sunbury Police Department has been called to an underpass on Reagan Street in Sunbury more than he would like to admit.

“They were from up there throwing down onto the Reagan Street Freeway,” Bennick said. “We’ve probably been here four times now on rock throwing incident.”

Thanks to a few 911 calls, last Wednesday an officer found several teenagers throwing rocks from the railroad bridge onto Reagan Street below. He caught one of them.

“One is 18, and we have several who are around 12 years of age,” said Bennick.

According to Bennick, that 18 year old has now admitted to throwing rocks multiple times.

“When the corporal asked him why, his statement was ‘for the thrill of it,’” Bennick explained.

Police tell us they know of at least three others who have thrown rocks at the underpass. They won’t release their names because they haven’t been charged yet.

“The one lady who has called in already says her windshield has been cracked from one of the incidences,” Bennick added.

Sunbury police are waiting to see if more victims come forward before filing charges.

For many, this news is a reminder of the rock throwing case in Union County in 2014, where a rock went through a windshield and almost killed Sharon Budd of Ohio.

“Right away I thought about the Sharon Budd incident, and I just don’t think kids understand what consequences can come from that,” said Peggy Fleming of Sunbury.

“It’s serious. It’s very serious.”

Police say the rock throwers, once charged, could face jail time in Sunbury.


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